Saturday, October 6, 2012

A unicorn in the flesh

Last month, I was going through my Amazon wishlist and happened to see something that floored me. My unicorn - the Aldo Calcagni wedge in lilac suede was in stock...FOR HALF PRICE! I've been wanting these since last winter and refused to pay $100 for them. Then they were gone and I regretted it. They were the one shoe that I kept searching for, just hoping that I'd find them again.

I really shouldn't have gotten them, but I couldn't let them go again. Unicorns sightings are rare, afterall.

Now, for the shoes themselves. I wish I had a postal scale to weigh these one. I don't know how, with the thick tread sole, real suede, and uberpadded insole, they are so light weight. It's amazing. They are a little tight, but most Aldo shoes do run smallish, so that was to be expected. My one disappointment is that they were obviously a floor sample. The right one is a little dingy from where it was handled quite a bit. But, only a true shoe whore would notice that. I'm still thrilled with them and can't believe that I managed to snag them after all this time.

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