Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Iron Fist - Final Version - Part 1 of ??

Stupid Tingers!
There are five pairs of shoes and a bag to discuss, so I'm gonna break this down a bit. No one wants to read 1500 words in one sitting, right? Let's do this!

First off, the damned Filthy Landlubbers that I absolutely love simply do not fit me in the T Bar style as offered by JustFab. The 7 was too big for inserts and my toes went just far enough over the edge of the size 6 to wig me out. So, they went back, and now I've got my eyes set on the simpler platform version that I know will fit because I already have another pattern in that shoe. I will not be defeated by these adorable skulls in skipper hats. I will NOT, I tell you! Those have now moved to the very top of the "WANTED" list and will stay there until they come home.

Cute, but just not for me.
I rounded out my JustFab Iron Fist Spree 2012 with a couple of other pairs and a bag. I'll get the bag out of the way first since it ended up being a huge disappointment. The Queen of Hearts bag (as JustFab calls it) aka the RIP My Heart bag (as the label called it), is really cute. It is. But it's flimsy and doesn't hold it's shape. And it doesn't have the back zipper compartment shown on the website. (Side note: WTF happened with the bag snafu's, JustFab? Seriously). It also is a satchel type bag, and as I've blogged at you before, I just can't do satchels. I tried. Hubs thought it was cute too, but was the voice of reason that told me I'd never carry it. I hate when he's right. So I sent it back and have no clue what I'm going to use that credit on.

They're bloody fantastic!
Being obsessed with all things British, I could not pass up the chance to own shoes that are sequined Union Jacks. I give you Jacked Up. They fit and feel exactly like Twinkle Toes, the Iron Fists from last year that got me hooked on the brand. They're the perfect all day/all night height, super comfy, and really cute. I have a glittery belt buckle - rodeo style, y'all - that is also a Union Jack that I'll wear these with. Silly but fun. And I love it.

I didn't flip out over the final pair I got from JustFab, the Lovelace Wedge. They slowly grew on me after seeing them in other ladies' pictures. I thought they looked a little odd, actually. I mean, who in the hell mixes butterflies and skulls, right? I had a credit to blow so I grabbed them. I fell in love when they got here, and I think they look pretty good on me, if I do say so myself. (And I do) They, like all Iron Fist wedges seem to be, are light as air. I'm so glad I took a chance on them. They surprised me and possibly became my favorite out of this collection.

Well, that finishes up my JustFab Iron Fist acquisitions for now. I've still got my eye on one more pair but they're impractical and I don't think I'd ever wear them. Even I have my limits.

I'm gonna put some tennies on and go walk the dog. I need to walk off a big dinner. Until next time!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cleaning out my closet(s)!

I've run out of room - so if it isn't loved or used it's G-O-N-E. Here's the link to my facebook album. Let me know if you want additional pictures or info on any of these.

The list includes ShoeDazzle, Sole Society/Marco Santi, JustFab, Audrey Brook, Fossil, Jessica Simpson and Nine West right now. It will continue to expand as I keep digging.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Sale-apalooza

Let's just get right down to it, shall we:
  • Streetmoda - 30% off the entire site with code MEM30FB
  • Iron Fist - $20 off $100 with code SPEND, $60 off $200 with code MORE, $100 off $300 with code SAVE. Caution though - as I noted yesterday, their shipping is way overpriced so shop around before you buy from them.
  • - 15% off with code SALUTE
  • ShoeDazzle is running the Splurge Sale - It's a Buy-one-get-one-free, but single items are ringing up at 1/2 price.
  • JustFab hasn't announced anything for existing customers, and they may not since they just came off of the 25% off Wishlist items sale. But, for new customers, they're offering a 2 for $39.95 on select items.
  • DSW hasn't announced a Sale but has added tons of new stuff to their clearance section.
  • NineWest - buy one get one 50% off everything in Sally's Take 2 Sale- no code needed.
  • UrbanOG - 20% off everything with code MEMORIAL12 - a couple of words of caution - their shipping is also overpriced and make sure you're comfortable with their return/exchange policies.
  • GoJane - 25% off everything with code MEMORIAL25
  • - 25% off everything with code PUNKUSA25
  • Jessica Simpson Collection has 30% off select items with code MEMORIAL. Only items on the page that this link goes to are included.

In the brick and mortar world, I'm being told Macy's is having mondo sales in store. They're running various items on sale online, but no across-the-board sales to mention.

As I hear of other sales, I'll post them.

Now, I've got to go get ready to have lunch with a Sole Sister. Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Perils of Online Shopping

On this, one of the biggest sale weekends of the year, I thought I'd take a moment to share some online shopping tips, tricks, and gripes that may help or hinder your deal finding.

My biggest online shopping pet peeve are outrageous shipping charges. It infuriates me, it really does. Iron Fist is one of the worst violators - $16 to ship ONE pair of shoes is neither justifiable nor legitimate - it's a profit-padder, pure and simple. Another one with outrageous shipping is AMIclubwear (who is already persona non-grata around these parts for other reasons so they will not be linked to.) I, as an individual, can print my own USPS Priority Mail shipping label and ship a pair of shoes to anywhere in the US for $8-10 with delivery within 2 days. Large companies get volume pricing so they aren't paying anywhere near that to ship. If a company wants more than $5 or $6 to ship a pair of shoes, walk away. It's not worth it - they're using your naivete to negate whatever discount dragged you to their website to begin with.

Non-stackable shipping codes are another irritant of mine and something you should be on the lookout for. I'm not talking about stacking %-off codes, I'm talking about when you can't stack a % or $$ off code with a Free Shipping code, or when websites that normally offer free shipping don't offer it if you're using a coupon. More companies are starting to realize the ridiculousness of this and have started to allow their free shipping to apply to discounted orders also. Sometimes, you can contact their customer service and get them to manually stack the code if it won't work for you at checkout. It's worth a shot.

Another type of non-stacking that bugs the hell out of me only happens at one website that I'm aware of:  They are high priced to begin with, mainly because all orders include 2 day shipping, which is convenient, but not cheap. I get that. What I don't get is why I can't use my earned loyalty points dollars on any order with a discount. They have acknowledged that I'm a good, repeat customer, then completely hamstring how I can use that acknowledgement. They also won't let me use my 15% off for being a JustFab member with any other code, which is more understandable but still irritating as hell. Grrrrrrr :(

My advice is always try to stack codes; it can't hurt, and some websites do allow it. You never know until you try. Always make sure you take the shipping cost into account when buying stuff online. Even though I said walk away if the shipping charges are too high, sometimes, even with those charges accounted for, that particular site may still be the best deal. It's rare, but it happens. And, don't ever be afraid to call/email/live chat with a company's customer service and ask if you can stack the codes. If you ask politely, you'd be surprised what a lot of companies will allow. I've built relationships with customer service reps and managers all over the place from doing this exact thing. It comes in handy when there's a problem, too.

I'm working on compiling some of the good Memorial Day Sales and will post them tomorrow and Monday. But for now, I leave you with ShoeDazzle's Splurge BOGO sale. As of right this second, you do not have to buy two items to get the discount. It is working on single items - they're ringing up at 1/2 price. This may change at any minute, but as of this writing, it does work.

What are your irritants or tips and tricks for getting around goofy code rules?

Happy Shopping!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Accidents happen

Juliana in Pink. Also available w/o the JF logo as Corinna
I really, sincerely, truly did not mean to order these. Someone asked me if the JustFab 25% off your Wishlist Sale* would work more than once since she was having tech issues and couldn't try right that second. I, being a good friend, threw the first pair in my wishlist into my bag, clicked one too many times and BAM! they were on their way home. (It did work, by the way - I got these for $30 after I got another pair in the same sale about an hour earlier.) This shouldn't have been a big deal because JustFab has 24 hour customer service now. I could just call and cancel, right? Wrong. I called and got some message about calling during normal business hours. WTF? Then, later that night, it dawned on me I'd called the number for the Elite Stylists which does have business hours, and not the main customer service number. (Hey! It's what's in my phone. I never claimed to be the crispest cookie in the jar) But by then, I was too exhausted to deal with it so I decided I call first thing the next morning. Wrong. I woke up to a shipping confirmation. Gah!

I fully intend to exchange these for something else on Thursday** when the new shoes are released, but if nothing exciting comes out, and considering I've already got 3 credits with them, then no biggie. After this many things getting in the way of me NOT getting these, maybe it's fate. They're cute, they fit well, and I don't have this exact shade of pink in a closed toe pump with a higher than 3" heel. Perhaps the Shoe Gods are trying to tell me they belong with me. It almost makes me afraid to try and return them. There's no telling what plague, disaster, or fiasco that may cause.

Right now, they're under the desk, in their box, ready to be taped up and sent back. I figure if they're out of sight, they won't tempt me, though I do hear the occasional whimper begging me to let them out. I will remain strong! I will send them back! Maybe. I'll decide on Thursday.

Happy Friday! And Happy Shopping - there are Memorial Day sales all over the place!
*The sale ends at Midnight Pacific time tonight!
**Thursday for Elite, Friday for VIP.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iron Fist Spring 2012, Ver. 1.1 Beta

I've gotten one two three more pairs of Iron Fists (and a bag, but who's counting) since we last spoke. I also got a replacement, smaller, pair for one of the ones I told you about last week, the Filthy Landlubber T-Bars. I'll fully update you all later this week, after the remaining two pairs come in. The gist is, the bag is going back, I haven't decided on the replacement pair of Filthy Landlubbers yet, and I ordered one pair purely because they look cute on everyone else. Not real sure how they're gonna look on me.

But! Here's a quick synopsis of one pair to tide you over - The Indecent Obsession Wedges. They may be the cutest and most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. No joke. I mean, really, who doesn't want to wear strawberries and polka dots on their feet, right? They're true to size and unbelievable light weight. Highly, highly recommended. If they made these in more patterns or colors, I'd grab them all. *hint, hint, Iron Fist*

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Makin' it work

These are Quinn from Sole Society, and they're adorable, well made and comfortable. They are also about a half size too large in the length and a full size large in the width. But I'm really sick of jacked up exchange processes, so I'm keeping them. I'm also really sick of companies posting "this shoe runs true to size" in their descriptions when this is obviously not the case. I've talked to multiple women and these were true to size on exactly one. So, I've modified how I tie them and thrown an insert in there, and they'll do.  They really are cute and aren't too high for everyday wear. 

I definitely recommend them, but just order at least a half size down. You won't be sorry.

**If you are not a member of Sole Society, please use my link. Although their standard price is higher than JustFab or ShoeDazzle, their quality is higher. And, they run coupons pretty regularly for new accounts. Like now, use coded SOLESISTER for $10 off your first purchase. 

Now, I'm going to do the boring task known as laundry and then, late this afternoon, we're going to grill while watching the solar eclipse.

Have a happy Sunday!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring 2012 Iron Fist Round 1

Last Monday (Tuesday for VIP Members), JustFab released their much anticipated Iron Fist collection. I had credits ready to go and ordered the first three items on my 'want' list.

Here Fishy, Fishy...
First up is Koi Samui. If you have Society Suicide, they fit exactly like them. Most Iron Fist run about a quarter to a half size large on me and these are on the tight side of true to size. My size 7's are just shy of 5.5" and have a 1.25" platform. Steep, but not unwearable. The black has little bits of glitter in it, which was a pleasant surprise. The colors in the fish are really bright and vibrant. Not being a fan of orange, I'm not thrilled with the bright orange insole and outsole, but I'll get over it. One major problem with these is that they stink. I don't know if it was the print process for the fish or what, but they have a really strong chemical smell. I had to open my window in my office for a little while and after I got home from wearing them, I let them air out for a day before putting them away. They seem better now, but just be warned.

Love the graphic on the back of the heel
These are Key To My Sole and they are to-die-for. They look like pencil on canvas and feel like the same. They fit true to size, but the vamp is a little further back on the foot than I'm used to (in other words, no toe cleavage), and it digs into the metatarsal bones on both feet. They softened up and improved over the course of a day and I'd say it's a minor annoyance now, at worst. All in all, if you get one pair from this collection, this is my recommendation. They are different from anything else I've seen and the detail is just incredible. I thought I wanted the red in these too, but after seeing real life pics, I think they leave something to be desired. The size 7 has a 5.5" heel and 1.25" platform.

I can get my whole thumb in there
My heartbreaker was the Filthy Landlubber T-Bar. These are probably my favorite of the three, just because the various colors make them so versatile. They're the most comfortable, too. At least I think they are, I can't really tell since they're so huge that my foot wouldn't stay in them. Even I, the queen of inserts, can't make these puppies work. I'm betting on them being a full size too big so a size 6 has been ordered and will be here Tuesday. Consensus from most everyone is that they run 1/2 to a full size big. This seems to be holding true across the Iron Fist T Bars, including I Caught Kewpie and even the Abbey Dawn Starstruck. I've got my tingers crossed that the 6 isn't too small. The size 7 has a 5.25" heel and 1.25" platform.

I've gotten other Iron Fists this week from and have a couple more pairs coming from JustFab and eBay. Basically, I cashed in all my credits, gift cards, and good shoe juju and ravaged my Iron Fist wishlist. I'm happy with the results. I'll toss those at you over the next few days. Right now, I need a shower and more coffee.

**Also, since they don't seem to have really advertised it, did you know that JustFab now ships to Canada? I've had two referrals this week from Canadian Sole Sisters that didn't know that previously. They also combine shipping and only charge per order and not per item for you guys up north.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The temperature in Hell is still below normal

Once again, for only the second time in my life, I have found a pair of flats that I like. Yes, I found another pair. This confuses and confounds me and shakes the earth underneath me. Maybe, just maybe, my feet don't hate flats after all. Maybe it's just certain flats and I've had a bad run of them. I really haven't tried that many so I don't have a very large sample size from which to pull. But yesterday, I found a pair of flats so wonderful, so comfy, and so well fitting that...(are you ready for this)...I'm going to get them in at least one more color. Yes - I'm going to buy multiples in a pair of flats. <que dramatic music>

What is this wonder-shoe, you ask? Well, I'll tell ya. It's Isadora** from JustFab.  I got the blush because I needed a good neutral, light, flat for summer. Yes, 'needed'. (You can stop rolling your eyes now.) I like the quilting and the black toe and JF logo for detailing so I grabbed them. I figured for $20 (Thanks to their Mom's day sale), they couldn't be too big of a disaster.
They not only aren't a disaster, they're great. No quality issues to speak of, they fit really well (true to size), and are soft and flexy. And most importantly, they're cute and don't make my feet look like flippers. So, I've decided since I hate my solid black flats with the intensity of a thousand suns, I'm gonna grab these in black with my next order. I figure I might as well, it's not every day that hell freezes over.

I'll be back tomorrow  - Round #1 of the latest Iron Fist acquisitions will be here! I can't wait!

Happy Shopping!

**Isadora is only available to Elite Members, but the same shoe is available without the JF logo as to all members as Anitra

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sleep deprived with hot shoes!

Key To My Sole
I got entirely too little sleep for a Sunday night. But it was sooooo worth it. JustFab released their latest Iron Fist Collection to Elite members and I had credits! Woohoo! Free, awesome shoes!

I haven't gotten up for any of the clubs' releases since December mainly because I'm always so tired the next day. I let my Chicas talk me into getting up though; they're good at the whole peer pressure thing, and I'm a week, easily influenced squirrel. (Ha!) Besides, there's always a good helping of drama when you get a few hundred shoe lovers together, half asleep, in the middle of the night on a major fan page. So, I set my bladder to wake me up at 12:45 (This is accomplished by drinking 1.5 large glasses of water immediately before bed at 10:30pm - works like a charm) and trudged myself downstairs to await the big reveal. There had been previews for the better part of a week, but I still wasn't sure what all was being released. Luckily I wasn't disappointed.
Koi Samui

So, 1am (MT) rolls around and NO IRON FIST! The boutique was there, but nothing was actually in the boutique. Que the screeching squirrels! At least someone figured out that you could search by name and find what you were wanting, but that didn't help with the stuff we didn't know about. Finally, after swearing up and down, multiple times, for a full hour that I was going back to bed - they got the boutique up and running at a few minutes past 2:00. It did not let me down and I no longer regretted getting up. Not at all.

Filthy Landlubber T Bar
I had 3 credits so I had to narrow my list down - which I did with Koi Samui, Filthy Landlubber, and Key to my Sole. This left Jacked Up and the Queen of Hearts bag left, lonely, in my wishlist - and I WILL get my hands on them, soon. Koi Samui has been on my want list since I first saw them in the background of a promo months ago, and they'll be here Wednesday! Yay for $5 guaranteed rush shipping!

Queen of Hearts - This will be next
Which brings me to a new assessment of JustFab. As most of you who know me from the thick of my ShoeDazzle days know, I wasn't always very thrilled with JustFab. But, they, like all the other shoe clubs, recently went through some major changes. While I can unequivocally say that ALL of the other shoe clubs took a turn for the worse, JustFab has improved greatly and is now, hands down, sitting on the top of the heap of shoes. Their customer service has surpassed ShoeDazzle, they've got the best loyalty program, they honestly and truly value their existing customers, and their collections put the competition to shame. They've improved their quality, stepped up their brands and styles, added fun and exciting contests and games, and they've started offering regular sales and specials. All this since I joined with them just over a year ago. I'm really impressed and want to give credit where credit is due. I just wish I could stand to stay on their newly designed website for more than 30 seconds without losing my mind because there is just too. much. going. on. If you aren't a member of JustFab, please use this link to sign up. (I've got no shame.) I think you'll be impressed and I could really use the referral.

Jacked Up - The British are coming!
Now, I'm going to catch up on my sleep. I'll be back with reviews of these Iron Fists, and multiple other pairs that are coming in this week.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

To all the fashionable mothers out there: May your day be full of sparkle, shine, family, and full of fabulous shoes.

For all of you!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's news to me...

Remember how I won the Free Shoesday contest on the DSW page last week? Well, I finally made it to DSW to cash in my loot and found these babies, which I love, and are totally comfortable, and make me want the bright color pair that is available also. These are the G by Guess 'Verna' in Natural multi. And they're absolutely yummy.
They make me want a banana split.
In the midst of finding these though, something really interesting happened. I tried on probably 15 pairs of shoes today trying to fill random 'needs' until I decided to just say to-hell-with-it and get what I like, whether I 'need' it or not. But every one of those pairs, E-V-E-R-Y O-N-E, fit me better in a 6.5. Why? They all had what I'd call 'normal' toe boxes - not cut for toe cleavage. And you know what that made me realize? I'm not a freaky-narrow 7 with long toes. I'm an average width 6.5 with long toes. Toes so long that most modern toe-boxes require me to get a 7 to comfortably fit them. I'm flabbergasted. (I'd say I'm speechless, but as you can see, 300 words later, that is NOT the case.) This explains so much. When most everyone else had to go up in Chanelle from ShoeDazzle, I stuck with a 7, and had room for a full insert. All of my athletic shoes, where toe boxes don't come into play as much, are 6.5's. My Jessica Simpson Oscars are 6.5's. I've only, currently, got 8 pairs out of 150ish that are 7.5's which I thought were what I needed for short toe box shoes, but actually most of my 7's are short toe boxes and that's why I've got 100+ pairs of them.

I still like inserts for added comfort, so I'll continue to default to a 7, probably. Especially in open toes, where my tingers like to act like little escape artists. But, if and when those 7's are sold out, I can go with a 6.5 in a lot of stuff and be perfectly fine. This opens up tons of possibilities. It's like buying shoes for two completely different sets of feet.

(If I had two pairs of feet, would both pairs need to match or would I wear two different pairs of shoes everyday?)

Now, I'm gonna go search out my wish lists and see if anything I thought I'd missed is available in a 6.5 instead. ;)


I've got a wedgie...or two

Warm weather is here and that means it's time to break out the good ol' wedges. I, like many of you, live in strappy wedges all during the summer months.

Due to the shopping diet, I've had to pass on many that I'm in love with, but that hasn't stopped me from at least grabbing a few new pairs - besides the Mojo Moxy Guilty wedges that I won.

Everyone swears that wedges are all comfortable and easy to walk in but that just ain't true. Usually, if they're really uncomfy, it's because of one of two things: An unstable bottom or a shoe that weighs a ton and a half. Marguerite from JustFab is victim of the first and The Bardot from ShoeDazzle is an example of the second. There are bad wedges. Some are damned near impossible to walk in.

But, then, there are real gems. I got two pairs of Chinese Laundry wedges a few weeks ago and both are to-die-for! First up is DJ Mix. Known in other colors and materials as Dresden, Dasher, Stalker, and imitated by many, including ShoeDazzle's infamous Mulberry wedge. These are fantastic. They fit like a glove, are soft on the insole, light weight, and stable. We truck shopped while I wore these. We schlepped all over about 10 car lots - we're talking miles of walking - and my feet felt perfectly fine at the end of the day. I have tennis shoes I can't do that in. Hell, I can't usually do that no matter what shoes I'm wearing. I got tons of compliments on them too, including from the guy we ultimately bought a truck from. (With their height, they also allowed me to be eye-to-eye with the jackass sales manager at John Elway Chevrolet, when he needed his ass stomped and I had to stop my husband from doing exactly that. That's a whole other Oprah, though.)  I want these in other colors or patterns but don't really like any that are currently available. <sigh> I even had a fellow shoe whore try to track some brown ones down at her Macy's but they could only find one of the shoes in my size. I blame their merchandising department for that.  These are true to size and run 5" tall and have a 1.5" platform. There is one little quality issue on them: where the brads are tacked in on the platform, two of them are out of line and it bugs my OCD side, but no one else would probably even notice. Overall, I give them 5 out of 5 acorns.

I also got the Chinese Laundry Desert Queen in cream. These are great too, BUT, as with all shoes of this style, those tiny little straps irritated my pinky toes by the end of the day. This does not have anything to do with the quality of the shoes, it's just the style. They're really comfy otherwise, enough so that the black are on my wish list, also. They measure at 5" with a 1" platform.

I also did something I swore I'd NEVER do. I bought orange. Bright orange. And I LOVE it. I was at DSW a couple of weeks ago and saw these in the clearance racks and ran to them. R-A-N. I tried them on and they just didn't fit for crap. They're too wide and my heel slips in the back. So I decided to go home and find them online 1/2 size down. But they weren't on clearance online. I slept on it and decided to go back and get them the next day. I got them, stuffed them full of inserts, and will never let them go. This doesn't mean that my hatred of the color orange is gone, or even waned, it just means I really really like these shoes.

And on a sad note - I bought the Jessica Simpson Carrack in coffee/ultra violet. This has turned out to be the must-have wedge this season, and they're gorgeous, comfy, light weight, and just not for me. I couldn't shake the feeling that they make my legs look short and stumpy and knew I'd be too self conscious to wear them. Everyone else seems to think I'm neurotic, which may be the truth, but it didn't make me like these any more. I sent them back.

Now, I'm off to the gym and to DSW to hopefully spend my Free Shoesday card.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some other recent goodies and upcoming news and events in the wide world of shoes.

Until then, Happy Shopping!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ode to a Heartbreaker

See this bag? There's quite a story behind this bag. I've been wanting a pink Birkin-style bag for literally months and just couldn't get my hands on one. By weird chance and shopping diet enforcement, I just kept missing out. ShoeDazzle had one, and the shopping diet said No! Then Mon had one, but I'd bought another purse that week and couldn't justify it. Then. Then!!!! JustFab re-released their popular "Law" bag in pink! AND! I had a credit sitting there waiting to be spent. Hallelujah, right?

<sigh> The bag came in and Oh. My. Gawd. it is gorgeous. And really well made. And, well, a bit larger than I like, but I could get used to it. It really is that fantastic of a bag. Except for one major, glaring flaw. I'm a creature of habit. I need a shoulder bag with just the right style of straps. Neither the built in handles nor the detachable shoulder strap would work for me. Hubs summed it up: "It looks awkward for you to carry." And he's exactly right. I just can't carry it. And it completely and totally broke my heart. I tried, mind you. I carried it on three separate occasions and had no luck. I tried getting used to carrying it in the crook of my elbow - no luck. I tried using the handles as though they are shoulder straps - no luck. I tried the shoulder strap itself- no luck.

I'm absolutely heartbroken over this purse. The other two that I missed out on had the same issue, so it's not this particular purse's fault. This also means I'll never be able to carry a true Birkin-style bag. Maybe a Birkin-inspired bag with longer straps, like the Bullard from ShoeDazzle. But never a crook-of-the-arm, carry-it-like-it's-meant-to-be-Birkin. Which is also good news for my hubby - I'll never ask him for a $15,000 purse. Though I wouldn't say no if it was offered.

So, I sold the purse to a fellow sole sister who'd missed out when it was in stock but can carry it - she's already got it in other colors. I'm thrilled it has found a good home that will cherish it the way I'd hoped to. I can't believe I've gotten this sappy over a damned purse. A gorgeous purse, but just a purse.

Oh well. I've already found another purse that I love and does have the proper straps for everyday use. However, if you can carry this style of purse, buy it in any of the colors you like and are in stock. It is worth every penny of the $39.95 JustFab has it for. 


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm going to buy a lottery ticket

Last week, I participated on a "Random Acts of Mojo" thread on Mojo Moxy's Facebook Page. The winners were gonna get a pair of fucshia "Guilty" wedges. Well, guess what...I won. I'd say I never win anything, but I've learned to pick and choose my contests and that has improved my success greatly. So, I've been on shoe-cloud 9 for a week waiting for them to get here. They came in today and I'm completely smitten. They're TTS and comfortable. My only fear was they'd be too similar to The Bardot from ShoeDazzle last year (which incidentally was a knockoff of a Mojo Moxy wedge), but they're a completely different color and style. I'm one lucky squirrel.

But, WAIT! There's more! Because I seem to have luck with the Facebook contests, I regularly play the Free Shoesday trivia on DSW's facebook page. I won it once back in October or November. Anyways, I played today, and I WON AGAIN! So, now, I've got a $50 gift certificate coming from DSW - which is perfect for me to get some sandals and such for Jamaica! (Only 59 Days!).

And, I got a free, but not luck based, box full of samples from Target today - also from their facebook page. So, today was a good day. And a lucky day. And now, I'm gonna go buy a lottery ticket and enter another contest that I think I have a pretty decent shot at winning something. (I'll fill you guys on that one later.) I might as well attempt to keep the streak alive, no?

Tomorrow, I shall regale you with my lack of excitement over the shoe club selections today, with a couple of notable exceptions. And one or two that I'm kicking my ass over.

Until then...happy shopping!

***UPDATE*** I didn't go buy a lottery ticket. But, what I did do is participate in a video submission for the new JustFab Brand Ambassador program. It was a short video about why I love JustFab, and it was selected and I got 3 credits for it! Quite the snazzy little program they've got going there. I seriously need to go get that lottery ticket now.