Sunday, July 22, 2012

A pleasant lacey surprise

It's no secret that I used to buy tons of stuff from ShoeDazzle. B-O-A-T-L-O-A-D-S. It's also not a secret that all that pretty much came to a screeching halt in January/February. Partly because I seriously cut back on all shopping in preparation for the Jamaica trip but mostly because I'd had a string of really crappy quality purchases. And they changed their shipping and returns to what appears to be mule-powered. And we won't even get into the rising height of their heels. The last few months, I hadn't really bought anything from them at all. Then I broke down and ordered the new Lyra's last month and I'm still pissed over that whole sizing fiasco, and once again I swore I was done with the Dazzle.

Fast forward to this month.  I get back from Jamaica and do a quick loop through the July releases. And I found this gem. I've been looking for lace pumps that don't look cheap or trashy for literally months and these, Jirina, held potential. On the site, these are gorgeous, but this is ShoeDazzle we're talking about and I couldn't imagine that they could manage to get lace on a shoe and get it to me without some serious defects. Lace is pretty delicate, after all, and they aren't known for their care in handling. I waffled for about a week and finally decided I would give them a shot. It took just over a week for them to actually get here. (Seriously, though, their new shipping sucks.)
Jirina - from the Signature Sole collection

I gotta say, I'm totally thrilled with them. Not only are there no flaws, they're decidedly high quality. The lace is perfect and there are no quality issues that I can find at all. And they're simply stunning. More so than I was expecting, even. I got them in a 7 - so there's a little extra room in the length, but the width is perfect. With a 5.5" heel and 1" platform, these are mid-heels by their current standards, and that's okay because I was wanting something sexy and these definitely fit that bill.

Overall, I'm thrilled. Other than the shipping, I have no issues with this order from ShoeDazzle. I was expecting to be miffed, and even wondered what one of about 30 different things would go wrong and cause me to lose it.

I'm really hoping they're starting to turn around. I ordered a pair from their BOGO last week that came in the same day as these. They were perfect, too. So perfect, in fact, that I had no qualms about ordering those in other colors.

Here's to restoring the luster to the Dazzle and hoping this one order wasn't just a fluke.

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