Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby Steps Into the Neon Pool

Someone hopped in their DeLorean, set the clock to 1988, and brought the color palette back with them. Neon is in style again. It's everywhere this season. The proper way to style it is with other neons. Which is where the problem is. Until this week, I owned exactly three items that have any neon on them. A neon yellow/green tank from Express, a white skirt w/ neon flowers from Tommy Hilfiger, and a green shirt with neon flowers on it from H&M. And none of them match the others. I'm not exactly well versed in neon, obviously. So, knowing that, I'm not exactly sure why I thought it was a good idea to get a pair of nude shoes with Neon Pink accents. I'm not talking just bright pink - we're talking black light responsive florescent pink.

Meet Narcissa from JustFab. They're a little narrow in the toes, which is fine for me, but not if your foot is wide. And, they feel a little steeper than they really are at 5.5" with a platform that comes in just over an inch. The nude material is a soft faux leather - think the type of leather that was popular for jackets in the 90's. It's soft, but not faux suede. The neon pink is faux leather - not patent though. They're really comfy but the straps could pose a problem if you have a high instep.

When I ordered them, I thought I'd just throw a white top on with some Khaki capri's, toss on some pink jewelry and be done with it. Nope. It looks really good on Polyvore style boards, but not so much in reality where khaki clashes with nude. Then I considered a white skirt with a simple top an pink jewelry. Nope. Still no-go, it looked too washed out. Now, I'm settling on jeans or denim capris, a white top, and neon jewelry. I'm willing to do neon in bits and pieces but not a flood of it, so a neon top is out. The shoes are gorgeous though and there's no way in hell I'm letting them go.

I guess I need to just hold my breath and dive on into the neon kiddie pool.


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