Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another BOGO steal.

Last fall and winter, I suffered from a serious lack of closed toe wedges. As in: I had none. Not one single pair. I'm determined to change that this year though and have set off on a mad dash to stock up on them before September.

First in my quest were the Iron Fist Lovelace Wedges I got from JustFab in May. It was after I got those that I realized I needed more of that style for this year. But I wanted a deal, so I started playing the waiting game. Closed toe wedges typically don't go on sale in the summer. But stalking and perserverence paid off once again and I got two fantastic pairs for $40 in their BOGO, which is still going on, by the way.

I've wanted Tyra since they were released but I kept thinking "Man, that's a whole lotta pink." And they are, but they are so worth it. They're soft and light weight and run about a 1/2 size big. They're well made and my feet are just generally happy in them. I haven't actually worn them out of the house yet because it's been 5 degrees hotter than hell here this week, and I've been hard pressed to wear anything but sandals. I had said that if the other two colors, taupe and black became available in my size I was going to get them too, but as is the story of my life. I missed them. By the time I saw they were available, added them to my cart, tried to convince myself that I do need them, and then hit checkout, they were gone.

Next up is Izzy, which everyone told me ran small and has a tight toe box, but I took a chance on the 7 and they fit perfectly. So, that would mean they run tts but have a small toe box according to what I'm used to. I don't actually own anything mustard, so I'll be wearing these with browns this fall. They're not as comfy as Tyra, but they aren't bad. The only other color these come in is a pink that's almost the same color as Tyra and while I love those, it would be absurd to have more than one pair in that color.

I'm off to write an actual commissioned article for a blog, so I'll talk at you gals later.

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