Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Purple Giant

I love the "Edith" Mary-Janes I got from Shoemint back around Christmas. They're gorgeous, real suede, and freaky tall. I said then that if they had them in other colors, I'd buy them all. In fact, I searched for their doppelganger, the Steve Madden "Viktoree", in purple in my size for months and never found them.

Then, JustFab released "Payson"in purple, tangerine, and nude. I didn't think much of them to begin with, honestly. Then as girls started getting them, the consensus was that they are Edith/Viktoree, but in faux suede. And the pictures of them made me swoon.

I had a credit and decided to take a chance on them. I really wasn't expecting to like them all that much since they're not the 'real deal'. They have the same sizing recommendation as Edith to go up 1/2 size, but I stuck with the 7 and took my chances since my 7.5 Edith's have stretched after multiple wears. These are a little tight, but not unwearable, and they're a soft enough material that I'm happy I didn't go up any further in size. If you are even remotely wide, go up at least 1/2 size. Maybe a full size, and let the strap hold you in.

I gotta say, I'm pleasantly surprised. Very much so. The color is gorgeous and the faux suede is one of the better I've seen! They don't feel anywhere near their 6" height either. There is a little bit of rippling in the fabric on the platforms, but it's not noticeable unless you're inspecting closely them like I do when I take them out of the box. I'm extremely pleased with these and thrilled that I gave them a shot. Now, I just have to wait for it to cool off enough for me to wear closed toes.

They've since released "Nikita" in gray, black, and leopard and they're the same shoe, too. The gray are next on my list. If you get the chance or have the money, I highly recommend you try one of these for yourself.

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