Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Shoe Club Roundup

Fall, and boots, are the big headlines for September in all the shoe clubs. Even though we, and most of the country, are still experiencing decidely summer temps, the world of fashion must move forward. And forward means cold weather. More suede, rich colors, boots, and fur.

JustFab stuck with trends this month.
JustFab released an awesome selection of boots and booties early this month, on the 30th of August, to coincide with their Labor Day Sale. Since I really went overboard on boots last year, I am only allowing myself to fill in the gaps that I missed. Which is very sad, because a LOT of their boots are ahhhmaaaaziiiing!!!. They also stayed with current trends and released cap toes pumps, super tall platforms, and animal prints/textures. All in all, it's a nice collection, and several things got added to my wish list over there.

Can YOU tell what the pattern is?
Shoemint also stuck with suede and boots, but to everyone's dismay, their already over-priced club got even more expensive when they released their boots at up to $120 a pair. For a club. I don't care if they're designed by God himself and hand sewn by virgin shoe fairies, you cannot expect to sell for that price in a club. Also, I have a tech quibble with their selection this month. There is a suede wedge with some type of studs on the back of the shoe that look interesting. At least they would, if they had actually taken a picture of the back of the shoe so that you could see the pattern. Gah!!!! At least they didn't appear to end their sale on the 1st, like they'd said. There are still some great deals in that section on their site.

This seems to be the majority of what ShoeDazzle released in pumps.
ShoeDazzle. Oh, ShoeDazzle, where do I begin? First of all, it doesn't appear that they released very much new stuff. It seems they're moving towards the Sole Society model and releasing throughout the month instead of all on the 1st. (For example, I bought two new releases earlier this week, and my "August" purchases were all actually released in July.) I seriously only found about 5 new pumps - and a big chunk of them have that silly metal heel and spikes or studs. One of them is real suede, and they kept them at $39.95. That's impressive considering I expected the 'real' stuff to jump in price. What I didn't expect to go up so much in price was their boots. Most of them are now $44.95 and $49.95, including some pairs that are rereleases from last year that were $39.95 then. Considering that domestic shipping is now only free in certain circumstances, this tells me, yet again, that they're having financial difficulties, and are trying everything they can to increase revenue. (Hilariously, JustFab is making sure that everyone knows their boots are still $39.95 in their sale and all their ads. "Every Item $39.95! Even Boots!")

I have left Sole Society out of this round up since they now release one pair per day instead of everything on the first of the month. I kinda like this model, BUT, it's making it hard for me to spend any of my credit money with them because I'm always afraid I'm going to miss something I love by one day. They've had several pairs that I have drooled over lately, so that's a very real possibility.

Since all four of these clubs are still running sales through tomorrow at least, you should definitely be shopping! Go! Don't miss the deals!


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