Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a Good Shoe-Wednesday!

I promised you a review, but I lied. You're gonna get two short-ish reviews instead of one big one. And there is a major update on the AMIclubwear Fiasco to fill you in on too - but I'll post that separately. I'm going to deal with these things instead of an Enabling post since there aren't any to-die-for sales going on this week.

You better back off - I will cut you.
First of all, "I" arrived today. Well, more specifically, Andie from ShoeDazzle arrived today. She's too big. I suspected she would be because flats hate me and it's never as simple as just ordering my true size. That being said, she's really cute and super comfy. I like this loafer style more than the ballet style I think. Maybe that's why flats and I have never gotten along; I've been wearing the wrong type. The ballet style doesn't get along with my tingers but these do. The studs seem well attached and properly placed. There are a few snags if you look really closely at the shoe - but anyone that close is getting kicked. So who cares what they think, right? Hubby doesn't like them, he thinks they're too spikey and weird. But weird is what I like in my flats. Something has to glam them up, because plain and boring just doesn't cut it. I'm going to swap them for .5 size down and then make the final decision.

I used my Groupon to get the Jessica Simpson Sheri in Cloud Burst. She came in today too. OMFG! I love these. They're narrow and tinger-friendly (Yay for me!) and feel like slippers on my feet. The colors are gorgeous. They aren't overbearing though, so these shouldn't be as hard to style as I feared. On my size 7, the heel is 5.25" and the platform is 1.5". I'm actually a little shocked by these measurements - they don't feel anything near that tall. I'm counting these in place of the nearly identical, closed toe, Beijo from my "Wanted" list. One down, 5 to go.

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