Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Odds and Ends

There are just a few random things floating around in my brain tonight. It's Tuesday - I have nothing else to do.

Are you aware that swimming laps seriously wreaks havoc on a pedi? We're talking 4 toes completely barren of polish after 10 laps. I'm either going to have to figure out how to avoid this or else I'm just gonna stop working out. Considering that I can barely move my arms and legs after tonight's swim, I think the latter sounds wonderful right now. The other possibility is that the polish sucks - and that could very well be the case. I really like the way this Julep polish goes on, but it's staying power is lacking. In a matter of a few days after putting it on, one or more toes will have completely chipped off. Back to the OPI I go. Especially considering I don't want to have to repaint my toes during the Jamaica trip in July. I need to find the perfect color in the perfect polish so that I can show off my perfect toes with my newly toned body - see the first item. It ALWAYS comes back to Jamaica. It's like the 6 Degrees of Ocho Rios up in here, Yo!

It's kinda cotton candy-ish in color
I have a pretty good shoe week going on this week - Yesterday I got Hadley in pink from JustFab's Birthday Sale. They're cute and true to size, but a little wide. But not so wide that an insert won't save them. The color is a creamy pink that I actually didn't own before now. I didn't think there was a pink that I didn't own. The heel is not as high as their usual fare either. I like them.

Tomorrow, Andie will be here from ShoeDazzle. Some real-life pictures have come in and they're really cute. I figure I'll either love them or hate them. There will be no in between. I promised you all a review and you'll get it - either way.
Sheri is Beijo's toe-showing sister
I also got the Heels.com Groupon (I had to - I couldn't resist anymore!) and got the Jessica Simpson Sheri in Cloud Burst which will also be here tomorrow. I thought I wanted Beijo instead but decided the colors are more summery and I'd be happier with the peep toe. Hubby says the colors remind him of a 1980's ski boat's interior. I'll let everyone know what I think about them when they get here.

I've ordered a pair of Iron Fist "Love Bites" flats that will be here on Thursday. I'm a little worried about how they'll fit, but they're really cute so I've got my fingers crossed. They're running a 25% off code "HEART" on their website IronFistClothing.com right now and have tons of cute stuff on sale already that I just couldn't pass up. (Yes, you've read this correctly - I have not one, but TWO pairs of flats coming in this week. What the hell is wrong with me?)

Finally, am I the only human that just doesn't understand or care for Pinterest? I'm being told that I can really further this blog by using it, but it bores me. I just don't get it. Anywho - follow me at pinterest.com/shoesquirrel/ I promise I'll try to remember that it exists.

I'm gonna kick back even further on the couch and regret my decision to get in shape. Y'all have a good night!



  1. In regards to polish you may want to give a shellac manicure a try before you go away. I'm really hard on manicures and even professionally I can't get to a week without chipping salon quality polish. With the shellac I can get 2 weeks.
    Thanks again for posting the groupon link. I couldn't resist and got 2 of the 50 and 1 of the 100 value. The JS shoes are cute can't wait to see pics posted on your feet!

    1. Sheri just got here and she is gorgeous! I'll post pics tonight when I get home. I think I'm gonna get one of the $50 value Groupons and maybe, just maybe, one more of the $100 ones. It's an awesome deal!

      I've never had the shellac done. Maybe I'll give that a shot the next time I get a pedi and see how it works. Thank you!