Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Official (almost) Hump Day Enabling Post - February 28, 2012

I've been slacking on these, I know. But, to my credit, Wednesday has become a regular workout evening in my schedule, so at least I'm being productive when I'm not blogging at you all. Cut me some slack. Please. ;)

  • First of all - USE EBATES!!!! I cannot stress this enough. It's FREE money.
  • The 50SALE code is still taking 50% off of sale (get it - "50SALE") merchandise at JessicaSimpsonCollection.com. And, as always, you get free shipping with any order over $100. I've gotten multiple pairs and so should you. Calie may be my new favorite every-day shoe. Super comfy and versatile and they're only $30 right now and available in a butt-ton of colors.
  • Heels.com has another Groupon running. Spend $25 to get $50 or spend $50 to get $100. It's a helluva deal - especially on new releases that no one's got on sale yet. The Betsey Johnson Mortica's will be here Thursday because of this deal.
  • StreetModa.com is a little gem that was recently brought to my attention. They carry a lot of major brands for below retail, with free shipping and good sales. If you sign up for their text messages, you'll get a code for 25% off. I got a pair of Betsey Johnson blush Dareah pumps for $31! They'll be here tomorrow. :)
  • 6pm is advertising that they will be running Leap Day Sales starting at midnight PST tonight. Zappos is advertising that anything bought tomorrow will have until NEXT Leap Day to be returned - new, unused, original packaging. That's FOUR years.
  • LEAP15 will get you 15% off your entire order at ChineseLaundry.com
  • SteveMadden.com has a big clearance sale running - no code needed.
  • Click on that link over there ------> for Shoes.com, use the code SECRET20, and you'll get 20% off your purchase. And I'll get traffic logging for you clicking there. Win-win. 
  • JustFab still has some stuff left in their Birthday Sale BOGO.
Well, that's everything I've noted on my posty-note for tonight. I'll be back on Thursday to go over the 1st of the month releases at all the clubs. I may also have a review or two of my new Betsey's that are due in over the next couple days.

Happy Shopping!

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