Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First of the Month Wrap Up

I knew February was going to be a downer.
  • JustFab bored me to death with their February releases. They usually have one or two things I at least consider and this month was blah, bland, and boring. Nothing even caught my eye in my boutique, my friends' boutiques, or in their various collections. I will give them credit though - it looks like their average heel height came down a smidge. But just. They're running some type of contest with cards in your orders, so you may win something if you buy something. The details are on their site. As for me, I'll wait and see what they release mid-month. Score: Shopping diet fell asleep and doesn't care
  • SoleSociety is even more boring than JustFab this month, if that is even possible. Seriously, I don't understand why they think their stuff is worth $50/pair. Contrary to popular myth, most of their stuff is not actually real leather. A few things are, but not nearly all of them. And they deactivated their boots - which I was hoping would go on sale because, again, ridiculous pricing. Score: Shopping diet intact
  • Speaking of overpriced... ShoeMint is barely even worth a mention this month. They released another 3 shoes...AGAIN. Apparently they either don't get the 'personalized' concept or they REALLY weren't ready to launch when they did. One of the shoes is a flat that was quickly found elsewhere for $20. One of the others is a plain leather pump - for $80!!!! Me thinks not. Not no way, not no how. They need to step it up badly.  Score: Shopping diet not only intact, but running in the opposite direction.
  • Ignore the shoe - focus on the name.

  • Now onto ShoeDazzle: They had some cute stuff - but nothing that really screamed at me to come home. There are lots of springy colors and looks. Some of their heel heights came down, too. BUT...they named a shoe after me. (kinda) Meet Andie. Of course I had to order them, how often am I gonna see MY name on a shoe? Exactly. So what if it's got an extra 'e' on the end - I'll deal with it. My first reaction though, when it was posted on my wall this morning - I'm suing them for defamation of character. Second thought - why did it have to be a flat? I hate flats and they hate me. It could have been the ugliest heel you've ever seen and it would have been better than a flat. I'm guessing my shopping diet has pissed of the shoe gods and this is their retribution. They are also available in black, but I felt there wasn't enough contrast in the detailing on them. Apparently I want them to stick out. Hopefully I won't maim myself or others with these.  Score: Do these really have to count? I mean look at them. 
I guess that wraps up the major shoe clubs. I'll throw you guys an honest review of Andie when she gets here. I can about promise that it will be the only flats review on this blog, ever.

I'm gonna go eat dinner then I'll toss an Enabling post your way. And a consumer warning about some shady business practices a friend ran into.


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  1. haha my favorite post yet!! ~krystina