Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Iron Fist - Final Version - Part 1 of ??

Stupid Tingers!
There are five pairs of shoes and a bag to discuss, so I'm gonna break this down a bit. No one wants to read 1500 words in one sitting, right? Let's do this!

First off, the damned Filthy Landlubbers that I absolutely love simply do not fit me in the T Bar style as offered by JustFab. The 7 was too big for inserts and my toes went just far enough over the edge of the size 6 to wig me out. So, they went back, and now I've got my eyes set on the simpler platform version that I know will fit because I already have another pattern in that shoe. I will not be defeated by these adorable skulls in skipper hats. I will NOT, I tell you! Those have now moved to the very top of the "WANTED" list and will stay there until they come home.

Cute, but just not for me.
I rounded out my JustFab Iron Fist Spree 2012 with a couple of other pairs and a bag. I'll get the bag out of the way first since it ended up being a huge disappointment. The Queen of Hearts bag (as JustFab calls it) aka the RIP My Heart bag (as the label called it), is really cute. It is. But it's flimsy and doesn't hold it's shape. And it doesn't have the back zipper compartment shown on the website. (Side note: WTF happened with the bag snafu's, JustFab? Seriously). It also is a satchel type bag, and as I've blogged at you before, I just can't do satchels. I tried. Hubs thought it was cute too, but was the voice of reason that told me I'd never carry it. I hate when he's right. So I sent it back and have no clue what I'm going to use that credit on.

They're bloody fantastic!
Being obsessed with all things British, I could not pass up the chance to own shoes that are sequined Union Jacks. I give you Jacked Up. They fit and feel exactly like Twinkle Toes, the Iron Fists from last year that got me hooked on the brand. They're the perfect all day/all night height, super comfy, and really cute. I have a glittery belt buckle - rodeo style, y'all - that is also a Union Jack that I'll wear these with. Silly but fun. And I love it.

I didn't flip out over the final pair I got from JustFab, the Lovelace Wedge. They slowly grew on me after seeing them in other ladies' pictures. I thought they looked a little odd, actually. I mean, who in the hell mixes butterflies and skulls, right? I had a credit to blow so I grabbed them. I fell in love when they got here, and I think they look pretty good on me, if I do say so myself. (And I do) They, like all Iron Fist wedges seem to be, are light as air. I'm so glad I took a chance on them. They surprised me and possibly became my favorite out of this collection.

Well, that finishes up my JustFab Iron Fist acquisitions for now. I've still got my eye on one more pair but they're impractical and I don't think I'd ever wear them. Even I have my limits.

I'm gonna put some tennies on and go walk the dog. I need to walk off a big dinner. Until next time!

Happy Shopping!


  1. are the wedges really high ??

    1. They're high - right at 5.5" on my size 7, but the platform makes up for a lot of that. Compared to some of the high stuff I wear, they feel like slippers. Really. And they're very stable so they're easy to walk in.