Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's that time of month again.

Tomorrow is the 1st of month, which means that all the shoe clubs will be putting their new releases out at midnight PST. I'm not expecting much, really. It's February so it's kinda of an orphan month in the seasons. Spring starts in March, so everyone wants color and springy stuff, but it's still too cold pretty much every where to wear the cute spring stuff yet. So, it's an in-betweener month. I don't like leaving things unworn (then I have to justify them to Hubby), so I don't like buying peep toes or sandals now, but I've only got another month or two to wear the closed toe stuff and boots, so I don't want to order more of that. I go through this exact same thing in reverse every September.

I have stayed up for this every single month since last May. Not tonight though. I've seen the JustFab Elite boutiques and I haven't found anything I like at all. I've seen the ShoeDazzle previews - there are a few things I like, but nothing I suspect will sell out immediately so they can wait until tomorrow. I've closed my Sole Society account, have never bought from Shoe Privee, and I will be closing my ShoeMint account after the crappy previews they released. Basically, I expect February to be my in-betweener month and don't want to get overly excited. I'll get up 15 minutes early in the morning and do a loop through and 'skip' the month on all of them before I forget.

Not to mention that I'm on a shopping-diet and I'm not supposed to be buying anything that doesn't either help me get to Jamaica or can be worn/used while in Jamaica. Before you ask, yes, I can wear heels on the beach. I'm just THAT good. lol

I'll see you all tomorrow with a wrap up of the new releases and the Hump Day Enabling post.

Happy 1st!

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