Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gone Clubbin'

I got really lucky this month with the shoe clubs and had discounts and credits all over the place. Now that the fruits of my previous spending sprees have started to roll in, I thought I'd toss a few micro-reviews at you. Especially considering I still have 5 more pairs coming this week, including three (!) Betseys!

First up: Rozee from ShoeDazzle. I really wasn't expecting much from these. But I was pleasantly surprised. They fit well, true to size, and the colors are more vivid than the pictures suggest. They aren't stupid high either, which seems to be all everything else from ShoeDazzle is this month. My size 7's are right at 5" on the heel with a 1.5" platform. The straps sit a little oddly, but I'm thinking they'll settle once I've had them out of the box for a while. These really make me wish it would warm the hell up. I'm sick of winter! Squirrels like to run a frolic in cute sandals - not trudge in dull boots. :( I also got the Bullard bag from them this month. I like it, it's huge (I guess I should read the measurements - I'm smaller than those models), the color is a little less bright than online, and it had a few errant strings and glue marks but overall, I like it. It'll work for a few months until I find another, anyways.

Next: I fell absolutely in love with this color. These are Thomasina from JustFab in lilac. I'll be honest here - they aren't comfortable, and if you look not-so-closely, you can see glue between the vamp and platform. I haven't actually made up my mind on these yet. I may send them back. If not, it would only be because I love this color and can't find anything else I like in it. My "Elite" watch also came with this pair, so I kinda feel a tinge of guilt wanting to send these back. I know it's silly. I'm neurotic like that. I do have another pair coming from them that I got with a credit and also grabbed a restock of a pair of Iron Fists that I've been kicking myself for missing originally. That's 3 things from them in 3 days. I've never done that with them before. I don't know that I ever will again. Maybe this whole "Elite" thing took over my brain.

Finally: I got Chloe in turquoise from ShoeMint. Now, before you give me crap: I know I tore them a new one over the Edith fiasco. But these screamed at me. I can't leave screaming shoes alone, can I? (No, for the record, I cannot.) I was also trying to see if they were capable of redeeming themselves. (We'll get to that) These are 1/2 size down and are still too wide, but the length is just right. I'll have to toss an insert in them to help with the width. They are at least as comfortable as Edith and they aren't as heavy as the size of the heel and platform would suggest. The size 6.5 measures 5.5" with a 1.5" platform. As for ShoeMint, they use FedEx Smartpost for shipping which I hate with the intensity of a thousand suns. They have gotten their shipping notifications ironed out now though - so it's not a week after you receive your shoes before you find out they've shipped. Their stuff is still bland and boring for the most part and not worth the price tag they're putting on it. And their selection is minimal to say the least with most of it still available elsewhere under the Madden name. I don't think I'm quite ready to cancel yet, but I'm getting really close.

On that note, I'm about done with all the clubs all together. I've determined they just aren't worth it. I'm working on a long(er) windy post about that whole situation. I'm not going spoil it more than that.

In the meantime, I'm gonna go swim some laps and grab a bite to eat.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I just bought the Thomasina shoe in mint from JustFab! I absolutely cannot wait for them to arrive!!!! Great choices!