Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm always up for free stuff

I got an email yesterday from JustFab that discussed the upcoming Abbey Dawn collection. I completely ignored the email because they've been sending these out pretty regularly while preparing for this launch and if I read every email that lands in my inbox, I'd never have time for anything else. Then, last night, a friend told all of us to go and re-read the email...there were free credits given out in some of them. Lo-and-behold: I got a free credit. Whip Hoe! Of course the give away of free credits to some caused all sorts of drama on their facebook page. But here's the thing - the promo worked. I'm sitting here, coffee in hand, telling you about a collection that launches on the 13th ONLY because they gave me reason to do so. It's a little bit of marketing genius, no?

As for Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn collection, it appears that most of the stuff is similar in style to Iron Fist, and if the comfort is anywhere near the same, I'll buy the whole collection. ;) From the previews I've seen, there are at least 2 shoes and a bag that I want. Now, I have a spare credit to try it out. ;) They're still allowing everyone to sign up for early access on the 12th, so give it a shot. Maybe you'll find something you really like!

So, thank you JustFab for the free credit!

Now, I'm going to go sit by the front door and stalk the FedEx guy who will be delivering two pairs of Betsey Johnsons today. ;)

Happy Shopping!

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  1. *_* METALHEAd, & the leopard MFP <- *drops jaw* iM in ♥