Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Her Majestee has arrived!

After drooling over them for 6+ months while refusing to pay full price, I finally caught a break on the Betsey Johnson Majestee's in blue multi. I had said I would pay $60 for these, but I caved and spent $65 on 6pm.com. That's still 50% off and trust me, these babies are worth every dime. I'm also feeling pretty smart about it because they are still the same price and there aren't anymore available in my size.

I cleaned the mirror right after this
As for the shoes themselves, they're absolutely gorgeous in person. The colors and pattern are just subtle enough that they are still day-wearable (new word!). In this pattern, the satin isn't as promish (another new word! I'm on a roll!) as some of the solid colors. But the rhinestones on the vamp and toe still give them a unique dressy kick. They fit pretty true to size in the length but they're wide. I had to toss an insert in them to keep my foot from flopping around. They're really comfy though, so if your foot is wide-ish, you won't need an insert. My size 7's have a 5.25" heel with a 1.25" platform, but they feel a bit higher. My feet were tired after 10+ hours in them. No pain, just tiring. Don't expect to run a marathon in these babies but don't let this scare you either. If I weren't in the throes of a torturous shopping diet, I'd get them in red multi, too.

Speaking of that damned shopping diet, I've not bought shoes in almost 2 weeks and have actually sent 2 pairs back and sold one in that time, so I'm ahead on the month. That may be the first and last time that ever happens. I do have one final pair to review, and a few how-to's brewing. After that, I'm buying something ANYTHING to blog at you about.

Happy Shopping!


  1. LOL at "day-wearable"...NICE!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, I really want to go buy them right now.... but I am also "shoe-dieting" hardest diet of this girls life! lol