Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's Betsey's world - we're just privileged to live in it.

There's an app for that!

I have a note in my phone that lists all my current conquests and obsessions. As I'm sure you can guess, BJ is Betsey Johnson and not some naughty shoe company that performs wild sexual favors. (CL is Chinese Laundry - not the other CL). What I've realized is that most of this list has morphed into a sort of Betsey Johnson worship-list. Sure, there's a pair or two of other brands, but the list is predominately Betsey. Not only that, but there are other pairs that aren't actively being shopped for that if I ran across a good deal, I'd grab in a heartbeat. Diskkol, Diskko, Sita, Sitan, Haylie in other colors, etc. I'm not sure when this happened. The majority of my collection has been skewing towards Jessica Simpson for the last year and now, although I still LOVE her shoes (I've gotten 3 new pairs in the last week), it seems I don't covet any of her current stuff. But I have been drooling over Betsey's stuff. The two pairs I got this week only make me want more.

Neutral + bright color = gorgeous
First up: Dareah in blush multi. I got a smokin' deal on these at - they were $29.99 with code BD9963, which is usable once and takes 25% off your order. That's an unheard of price for Betsey's. And that's really the only reason I bought them. I couldn't pass the deal up, and though they've got tons of stuff at fantastic prices on their site, the colors I liked in most of them weren't available in my size. I'll admit, I wasn't that impressed with them when I opened the box. The color is more of a skin-tone nude than I was expecting. "Blush" means a pinkish tinted nude to me - these are not pinkish tinted. The pink and lace platform gives them a punch of color that I really like though so I thought I'd sleep on it. Then I tried them on, and these things feel like they were made for my feet. They're true to size for me, tinger friendly, and are mondo-padded on the inside. After walking around in them for a few minutes, I didn't want to take them off. I think I'm gonna grab the blue ones next. At that price, why not? The size 7 measures just over 5" on the back of the heel and the platform is not quite 1.5". I wore them for 13 hours and was on my feet for a good bit of that time and they felt great all the way to the end.

M-O-R-T-I-C-A: That's how it's spelled on the box
The other pair I got was a sleep-purchase that I wised up, cancelled, then regretted and re-ordered about an hour later. (That's how I roll) Mortica in black multi came home this week after months of me drooling over her. I used a Groupon and basically got them at half price because of it. These are one of the rare pairs that made me gasp when I took them out of the box. I almost hugged Brown Santa when he delivered them. The floral fabric is yummy and the little skulls on the vamp are adorable - they've got little bows on their heads! The initial try on proved that they fit a little wide, but not unmanageable and are definitely true to length. I did have to put a ball-of-foot insert in them to keep me from sliding around because of the width though.
I am on a skull themed kick right now.
I wore them to work yesterday and did notice a few little issues with them. The fabric upper sits on a plastic mesh to strengthen it for sewing, and where that meets the interior of the shoe at the back of the heel, it rubs the ankle. I put a "Strappy Strip" back there and it stopped it without changing the fit. Moleskin would work well for this too. They're also very steep. A 5.5" heel with 1.5" platform (size 7) shouldn't feel this steep, but these do. My feet were tired after 10ish hours. That's still a full day at work, so they passed the wearable test though. Even with those issues, I love them and have the blush multi Mortica on my list too. I'm a firm believer in "If you love a shoe, buy it in every color!"

I've got a big shoe-week coming up with five (!) pairs being delivered. I'm sure I'll find one or two to discuss. ;) In the meantime, Happy Shopping!

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