Sunday, March 18, 2012

This shopping diet is KILLING me!

On the bright side, there are only 103ish days until I leave for Jamaica, so the shopping diet isn't really un-doable. I've only bought two teensy little things in more than a week. A new blow dryer (necessity) and a little lace and ribbon number that was too cheap and cute to pass up. I'm doing MUCH better than I did the previous few weeks. My card has finally stopped smoking from all that shopping. Whew.

Last week is a whole other story, though. Even though I ended up sending back both pairs I got from JustFab and selling the pair I got from ShoeMint this month, I've still got a handful that I kept that haven't been discussed yet.

I'm still trying to play catch-up on pictures and such, so I'm gonna start with simple.

Remember the Betsey Johnson Dareah's I got a few weeks ago? Yeah, well, I loved them so much I caved and got the other two colors. The black/red and the blue/green. It's been really really warm here so my tootsies have been screaming for peep toes and I haven't gotten to wear these yet, but they're the same great quality and comfort of all my Betsey Johnson's. It's gonna be a little cooler this week and you better believe these babies are gonna get worn.

I got my Betsey Johnson Majestee's in blue multi finally, and of course the picture is on my other computer and I'm on this computer so I can't actually post the damned thing without going, finding that computer, charging it, starting it up, logging in here, etc. It's Sunday afternoon and I'm being lazy so that'll be your Monday eye candy. I promise-ish. ;)

I also got one other pair with a Groupon that I need to post about that is currently kicking it in the other computer with the Majestees.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled shopping and/or dieting. I don't judge.

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