Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Air Up There

“I Love your shoes!!! Where did you get those!?!?!?!” That’s how it begins.  Some random female compliments my shoes and it’s like a hit of crack(not that I’d know what a hit of crack is like). I can’t get enough. I need more and NOBODY better get in my way, yo! I discovered, years ago, I have a talent. That talent is the ability to walk in 5”+ heels. Surprisingly few women have this ability. I started with just wearing the occasional “catch me – screw me” heels but wasn’t brave enough to wear the stilettos every day. Then I discovered the shoe clubs and realized I could get glamour for $40 a pair and that’s all-she-wrote.  When men, who are inevitably taller than me, ask why I wear them, I tell them that it’s because I like the air up there better. But really, it’s because I like the way I feel up there better. I see more people eye to eye – I’m 5’3.5” – and I know other ladies envy my shoes.

Tell me, why do you wear heels? Is it for self esteem, or just what you see as normal. Do you have chronic pain or discomfort that is lessened by wearing heels? Do you just like the way you feel in them? Why do some women feel naked without 5” heels, and others think we’re crazy? Why don't all women wear 5" heels everyday?

UPDATE: 12/11/11 10:44pm- Apparently it's too dangerous for me to wear flats. I just tripped going up the stairs and sprained my wrist while catching myself. I don't fall in heels. Only in flats. I hate those insidious little things.


  1. I never wore heels until april, when i stumbled across shoedazzle. I saw a friend post the black n white zebra converse. I joined to purchase that shoe. In my introductory show room was ciji, black leopard. I purchased her. Didn't fit right, sooo sad. I exchanged for Matilda. Instantly fell in love, even though id never actually taken a step in a heel before that day. Before i knew it i had about 20 pairs. I finially got the one that hooked me fearless.....OMFG......i was done. I wore my heels every night to practice so i could wear them out! Then nattie in tribal and pewter annika! By july i was wearing heels out n about. I feel powerful, confident, sexy and fun.......then the compliments came my way.....even better! I love my heels and im becomming a pro! My faves right now are minka, ezra, eveleigh, rhianon and my newest myla, the awsome sky high wedge! I have about 100 pairs now and i wear them all. Bye bye tomboy, hello miss sexy! Im 5'9" in flats so im way up there, but i dont care at all. At my christmas party my whole family said how amazing i look, and that ive got the gaga! Compairing me to lady gaga(wearing leopard myla). It made me feel soooo haute and hott! I love it.

  2. And i do have terrible back problems, the heels do relieve quite a bit of it.

  3. I was never big on heels until this year. When I found ShoeDazzle this year it really unleashed my inner "shoe freak". I can't even walk into a department store without gravitating towards the shoe section. Also, I love getting compliments on them! Different shoes for different settings, situations, weather; I just love it.