Saturday, December 10, 2011

Run Cheetah, Run!

I LOVE the Jessica Simpson Cheetah Mary Jane pumps. I have them in 4 colors and am valiantly trying to trade my left arm and left ear for a pair of the Powder Chloe Leather in my size (7.5, but am willing to chop off some toe length to squeeze into a 7). I'm so desperate for these particular shoes that I'm almost tempted to pay <gasp> full price for them. Those of you who know me know I pay full price for only two things - Uggs and ShoeDazzle. That's it. I feel like I'm being shit on by the retail gods if I pay full price for anything else.

Anyways - back to the Cheetahs at hand. I cannot describe how comfortable these shoes are. They are in the 5.5-6" range according to size and I can wear them for 16 straight hours. They have a nicely padded insole and natural shape in the rounded toe. The toe box is short, so most women do have to go up 1/2 size to combat that. The strap will hold you in place nicely without the need for inserts if they end up a little on the large side. The outer materials are soft and well made. The neutral colors are extremely versatile and the colors are bright and vivid. The Mary Jane styling feels fresh and though the platform is pretty thick, the shoe just wouldn't be the same without it. 

Unfortunately, as the winter moves in, it appears that these are on sale everywhere now, which leads me to believe they've reached the end of their run. Though, they released new colors in the Waleo pump just as I thought that line was winding down so I'm hoping that I'm wrong. From what I've seen and found - the Cheetahs were released in 13 colors already - but never a blue or red. That gives me hope that maybe they saved the best for last.


  1. I know exactly how you feel about Cheetah. I have cranberry Cheetah (the one pictured) and she is by far the most comfy heel I own. Not only that you can wear her with just about anything! I would love to have a blue Cheetah! Or maybe even a leafy green colored one, I love bright colors so yes, I would find a way to wear the leafy green Cheetah!

  2. Meeooow! We love the Cheetah Mary Jane, too! The bolder and brighther the color the better!Jessica does it again!