Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Sad Truth

I don't have 'style'. There, I said it. My standard outfit is a t-shirt or sweater and jeans or simple skirts. I don't do accessories, my hair is au natural, and most all make-up breaks me out. I carry one Coach purse for an entire season and have worn the same diamond Citizen watch everyday for 7 years. I like ordinary, bland, and simple. Sure, I have my moments when I shine. I do really well on date night and I polish up like a new penny for dressy occasions. But in my every day life, I just can't or won't do it. It's just not 'me'.

Except for shoes. That's where my entire arsenal of style lies. I will throw on a Zac Brown Band tee with a pair of skinnies and toss on some tall boots and I rock it. But most days, I wear a polo or button down, boot cut jeans, and heels. {Side note: I'm fortunate and cursed in my work attire - my company provides us with nice-ish polos and button downs in dozens of colors, but they expect us to wear them and they don't go with much more than jeans or khakis.} I often wear long jeans that cover most of my shoes. My office isn't really skirt-appropriate, and being construction, I really don't like wearing clingy tops or pants around the crews. So half-hidden heels are my standard look. Even at that, though, my shoes get noticed. Since they do get noticed, I think "Why bother?" when it comes to changing up my look.

It's huge and gorgeous!
I'm trying to change this though. I've slowly been adding some accessories to my wardrobe and been trying some new shapes of shirts and pants. Unfortunately, because I'm so top-heavy, I'm limited in the styles I can wear and not look silly. I'm also a creature of habit when comes to purses - I have specific requirements for size, weight, style, pockets, etc. and I can't stand changing purses so I'm sticking with one statement bag per season. That leaves jewelry and other such accessories as my only option. I've begun to collect big, blingy, and attention grabbing jewelry - necklaces, bracelets and rings - and trying to incorporate at least one piece every day. So far, it works and I haven't had a hard time putting the thought into it. But my new worry is that the accessories will detract from the shoes - which are barely visible on most days. And the shoes are my priority.

I guess I'm just stuck in fashion limbo-always have been, always will be. I'll keep trying to look more 'put-together' and I'll keep failing, but it won't matter, really, because my shoes will be great!

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