Sunday, December 11, 2011

To Wear or Not to Wear

Yes, that is a mirrored metal heel.
Believe it or not, I've worn 99% 95% of my current shoe collection. There is a pair of dressy purple Steve Maddens that I've had about a month without wearing yet and I'm honestly not sure where or when I'll wear them (Shut Up! They were $30 and they're real suede!). There's an unworn pair from ShoeDazzle that have ribbons up the back - too sexy for work, and well, pretty much anywhere - but they're gorgeous and I love them. Then there are the pink Poetic Licence that are pegged to be worn with a cute skirt in the spring - I just got them too late in the year to wear them now. Other than that, there are a couple few four five pairs that aren't yet worn (two of those are for sale so they don't count) because they just have gotten here and it's been colder than a witch's titties the last week or so.

I always try to wear the new stuff before re-wearing anything older. This brings up a couple of problems though - by wearing them immediately, I don't always have time to regret buying them and it's a pain in the rear to try and sell worn shoes if I decide an hour into wearing them that I don't really like them. The other problem is that if I wear them immediately, I may force an outfit to go with them that may not look all that hot. I could wait until I have more time to put something together, but I don't because that would mean wearing something else in the meantime. I'm not a fan of delayed gratification. If I don't wear them immediately though I'm always terrified of the inevitable question from my hubby - "How many of these have you actually worn?" He doesn't have an issue with my collection of shoes, but he would like to make sure I keep it in control and actually wear what I buy. I don't think it would sound very good for me to have to tell him all but 10 or 15. His eye might twitch if I could wear a brand new pair of shoes everyday for two weeks and not have to buy anymore.

I'm trying to come up with a more happy medium - where I try to wear everything within a reasonable time but don't force myself to wear the new stuff first. Of course, I do run the risk of never getting to a pair just because there are so many new and coming at any given time and if I'm doubling back and re-wearing stuff, then I can't ever get to the new stuff. If they languish too long, I'll throw them on eBay <---I've got a backup plan for everything...don't you, too?

I know women who have massive collections of shoes and don't even wear heels. I'm not one of those. Not by a long shot. I wear heels to the grocery store and to Lowe's. Even though I wear them all day, every day there just aren't enough days to wear them all. I believe I have a problem. No, not THAT problem. I need to start wearing TWO pairs per day. That's it! That's the solution! Problem solved. Just don't tell my husband. ;)

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