Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's all in my head

A couple of little things. I've got about 5 posts floating around in draft form and just can't decide what I want to finish and publish first. Help me choose between:
  1. A discussion on various shoe inserts and their unexpected uses
  2. The maddening inconsistency in Steve Madden's sizing recently
  3. A review of some random shoe that I either love or hate and why
  4. The pack mentality of online shoe groups/forums.
  5. Something else that my wine addled brain hasn't figured out how to summarize in a bullet point yet
Basically, not believing in delayed gratification, I seem to be forgetting blogs are forever and I don't have to post EVERYTHING at once. I need to pace myself and post one thing at a time. What would you gals like to hear me wax poetic about first? One of those items? Do you have some topic that you feel is hopelessly neglected on shoe/fashion blogs? I am trying to post daily so I need 360 posts just to get me to the one year point. I've got exactly 5. I don't think I thought this project through to completion. lol

Also, with all blogs, not necessarily mine, remember to occasionally click one of the ads on the margin or between the posts. I'm not anywhere near the level that it matters one whit to me (it takes multiple clicks for me to even get a penny), but there are bigger, money making, bloggers that each click may mean another day of ramen noodles instead of a packet of ketchup for lunch. Those obnoxious little ads to pay the bills for some people.

I'm going to bed. I've got 2 pairs coming in from ShoeDazzle tomorrow, and two from elsewhere coming in on Friday. I'm sure one of them will be worth some type of review. I hope - or else I'm completely screwed for blog content this weekend. :(

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  1. I'd like to see the discussion on shoe inserts. I've never used any, so I wanna know which ones are best as well as their other uses. :)