Saturday, December 31, 2011

If I can pull it off, anyone can

As I've said previously, I'm severely lacking in style. But, I finally found a way to wear Barney-purple tall boots without looking like a dork or a street walker. Behold - Sheila from Just Fabulous.
Ignore the goofy expression - Hubby was trying to make me laugh.

She is Michael Antonio brand, fits tts with socks, and is horribly uncomfortable, but she's cute and I've spent literally months trying to figure out how to wear her. The answer proved to be as simple as- Jeggings: Mossimo from Target; Sweater: Express; Necklace: Tiffany; bracelet: Monica's Fantabulous Fashions!!!

If I can pull off wearing something as outrageous and in-your-face as these boots, then all of you can too. Try it, you may just surprise yourself.

UPDATE: After 3 hours in them, including a trip to the grocery store - the stiff toes have softened up a bit and now the boots aren't that uncomfy. 

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