Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Deserving Souls

I'm dead tired tonight or else this spot would be filled by a discussion on shoe inserts. I'll bet you all were just itching for that fun and exciting topic.

I did want to take just a minute to remind everyone that it is the holiday season. Before you decide to try and sell that gently worn pair of shoes, please consider donating them instead. There are women looking for jobs that desperately need those shoes for interviews and work and would be eternally grateful to have access to them for little or no cost.  I boxed up several pairs today to take to our local poverty outreach center. They need them more than I do, and even more than I need the money. It's a pain in the ass to sell worn shoes on eBay anyways. Besides, if you donate to a non-profit, it's tax deductible.

Okay, I'm done preaching (I promise it won't happen often). Good Night!!!!!

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