Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Night Odds and Ends

A few things to wrap up Friday night:

  • Only a couple more hours (I hope) are left to enter the contest!
  • As widely predicted, ShoeMint charged several girls who skipped the month: their accounts showed they'd skipped the month, and they'd received confirmation emails of skipping the month. Yet, they still got hit with $80 charges and had to chat or call customer service to get it resolved. Not cool. They are the fourth BeachMint company and should have this crap figured out by now. This is inexcusable. To top that off, they released their ENTIRE January collection as early previews in December. There was NOTHING new on the 1st. Huge disappointment. I'm not impressed and will probably be cancelling sooner than I anticipated. 
  • Speaking of BeachMint companies, I also ordered for the first time from JewelMint. Although I like the ring I got, I'm glad I got it for $8. It's not a $30 piece of costume jewelry. Not by a long shot.
  • I am officially on a shopping 'diet'. We're going on a big trip in July and I need to refocus my energy on getting the necessities for it and paying for the airfare that went up significantly. I will stop myself from buying anything I can't live without. Anything on my WANTED list is fair game though, and there are a couple of new ones I need to add to that. 
  • I organized the master closet this weekend. Hubby saw the entire collection in one pile for the first time. His eye is still twitching. And he doesn't know about the 5 pairs that came in this week. Or the 4 more coming. But there's room for them in the closet now. So that's awesome!
All that being said, lets dive into some bargains!
  • ShoeDazzle still has a good bit of stuff in their "Steals" section for 50% off and added more bags today. I've gotten 11 items from the sale so far. I need to stay away. 
  • I'm a Betsey Johnson whore apparently. I'm wearing her socks, her sweater, and her jewelry. If not for my feet being cold, I'd be wearing her shoes, too. All her sale apparel is 50% off the already reduced price at If you've never shopped there, code WELCOME1 will take another 20% off. I just got this sweater in red and freakin' LOVE it!
  • The NEWEAR code is still good for 25% off at
  • I did not win a 'Shoe-drobe' from Chinese Laundry in their contest. (Alas, is 4 pairs of shoes really a shoe-drobe? I think not.) But, for consolation, they gave a code: SHOEDROBE15 for 15% off their site.
  • is running a big sale. There's some really cute stuff up to 50% off.
I would like to send out a sincere thanks to the girls who have used my referral links for JustFab and Ebates and clicked on the ads from Google (all over there --> on the side bar). They don't add up to much, but they do add up. I really do appreciate it.

And now, I will go drink margaritas. Plural. But no SUI for me!
Good night, dolls!


  1. I'm thinking about adding to my collection of Jessica Simpson "Cheetah" shoes... they're on sale for $39.99 already and the 25% off code makes them that much more tempting.

  2. You definitely should! What colors do you have and what colors are you wanting? I would live in those things if I could. ;)