Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

There is nothing better than spending all day cleaning and realizing when you're done that you've uncovered/freed up the space for 14 new pairs of shoes. Which means I now need new shoes: (my coveted list and the highest price I'm willing to pay, and what I expect to eventually find each at)


Betsey Johnson "Diskkol" in Leopard. Size 7, for under $60

 Jessica Simpson "Beijo" in Cloud Burst, Size 7 for under $50

Steve Madden "Pammyy" in Berry Suede, Size 6.5 or 7 (I'm between sizes on this one) for under $45

Betsey Johnson "Majestee" in Blue Multi, Size 7, for under $75

Chinese Laundry "Dresden" in Dark Teal, Size 7, for under $40

There are others, but I have seven(!) coming this week already. If you see or hear of any of these on sale or see discount codes, I beg you to let me know. There may even be a little token in it for you!


  1. My sweet Andi you are going to make me go nutty with all these amazing shoes!!! :) <3 I will be on the look out!!

  2. Aren't they gorgeous!?!?!? Thanks, love!