Monday, January 2, 2012

SUI - aka Shopping Under the Influence

We've all (well most of us) done it: come home from dinner or a party where a large quantity of alcohol was consumed, started to browse online and ended up buying something either a)hideous by sober standards, b)way too expensive, c)useless, or d)all of the above. This is known as "drunk shopping". While it's barrels of fun for us to cheer others on while they're doing it, it's not so fun when YOU wake up the next day with a headache and wondering why you have an email order confirmation for something called a "Resurrection Plant". (I know someone who this happened to)

For me 'hideous' has been many pairs of shoes bought after one too many margaritas. That WTF? moment really sucks when those boxes come in later in the week.  Now, there are certain sites I completely stay away from if I've been drinking too much. 'Expensive' was my Ugg Bailey Buttons. I really didn't have the $200 to spend but the tequila made me do it. (Maybe the lesson here is to stay away from margaritas).  I haven't crossed into the completely useless category yet, though I came pretty close with a certain t-shirt a few weeks ago - also influenced by margaritas and a certain smart-ass enabler on facebook.

All this brings me to this: I love hearing these stories from other ladies. So, lets have an informal little contest of sorts. Tell me your best drunk-shopping story in the comments (on here, not on facebook) and on Friday night, after I've done a little drunk-shopping myself, I'll decide who has the best/funniest/most outrageous story and send them this cutesy wine glass as a prize. Sounds fun, doesn't it?
"Shopaholic? I almost never mix alcohol with shopping"
I have to have a couple of rules: Anyone in the US or Canada can participate, I can't afford to ship it elsewhere though. All stories must be posted on this blog post. I will not accept anything emailed, pm'd or posted on facebook or twitter. If I get fewer than 10 entries, I reserve the right to extend the deadline. If you do not have an account with which to post non-anonymously on blogger, then you MUST include some type of identifying information on your post. That way I actually know who's entry belongs to who and know who to contact when I decide who wins.


UPDATE: 1/3/12 - The New York Times apparently felt the need to discuss this issue, too. But, they aren't giving away a nifty little wine glass to make drunk-shopping easier, now are they? ;)


  1. My story involves two of my favorite things: shoes and wine. Hubby and I went out for NYE and I had a glass of champagne before dinner plus four glasses of Malbec with dinner. I insisted that our waitress allow us to buy two of the wine glasses that were etched with the restaurant logo. The manager sold them to us for $10 each (useful and not too expensive), but as we were walking out of the restaurant, I stopped to compliment another woman on her gorgeous sequin dress and was so distracted that I turned my ankle while wearing my Imans (5.5" heel) and landed on my butt in the parking lot. Luckily, hubby was carrying the glasses so they didn't break. And I stupidly tipped the waitress $30 even though it was already included in the bill.

  2. My most recent SUI: Late one evening around 6pm I am sitting getting annoyed at my boyfriends parents house (been there for 4 days already and I am ready to go home) so I plant myself on FB and start chatting up my favorite sole sisters and I learn of this amazing thing called a flash sale that should be happening an hour and half from then... sitting and chatting with my sister my wine glass is magically being filled and filled and filled by my future MIL ;) love her to death. Well 10 minutes before the flash sale starts they want to start dinner (darn them!) So I thinking I am being sneaky bring my cell to the table and have Mon's sale page up refreshing contuiously and about 5 minutes after is starts I realize I know own 6 new pieces of jewelry, been yelled at 5 times during dinner and owe 80$ LOL gotta love SUI <3

  3. Keep in mind some of us are alot older, so internet shopping was not something we did, or had access to. That doesn't mean we didn't do Shopping Under the Influence, especially growing up in atown with 256 bars (as Sis and I tried to do all in one day, we know the count). I remember one Christmas, my brother Gary came home from overseas and in the typical Hamby household, we immediately started drinking. His wife was do to fly in two days later, and at the time he had done no shopping. So drunk, off we drove to the mall, stumbling from store to store. As soon as the saleswomen realized Gary was a spender they were tripping over themselves trying to wait on us. At Macy's every women around was offering help when they realized he was tipping too. Needless to say, everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of presents and lots of Cheer (100 proof)


  4. I woke up this morning to a shipping confirmation from Jessica London on a dress I don't remember ordering.....OK, that's not so bad, what's bad is the email confirmation (non cancel able, non refundable) for a two night stay at a resort/ casino next Friday and Saturday night. When\why the hell did I do that?