Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Micro Reviews - Because I'm hoping our taxes WILL do themselves

I got a few new pairs of shoes this week - none of which are new releases, but each warrant a small blurb since it's Saturday and I'm looking for excuses NOT to be working on our taxes. (But honey, I'm blogging!) On to the goods:

I got Makeeda from JustFab in blue this week. I'm not sure why I waited months to get them. They run a little wide but otherwise true to size and super comfy. The quality seems to be better than most of the other JustFab shoes I've gotten, too. The studs are attached well and placed properly. There is no visible glue and the seams and heels are straight. I have no clue where I'm going to wear bright blue studded heels, but they're gorgeous enough that I just don't really care! A+++ to JustFab on these. ;)

I got Francie from the ShoeDazzle "Steals" section (going on until Tuesday) and love her more than I thought I would. The reviews say she runs small, but she's actually a tiny bit big on me. The toe is shaped nicely and the heel is a perfect height for 10 hours at work. The quality is good - there are no issues at all that I can see. The heel is somewhere between red and pink. I can't tell which - apparently I've completely forgotten my colors. I'm mucho impressed for $20!

Alas, all is not well, though. I got my Jessica Simpson Bendies and don't like them. The colors are gorgeous and they are amazingly comfy and fit like a dream (like all her shoes) but there is just too much going on for my narrow foot, I think. I don't like how they look when I look down at them. I'm blaming it on my personal preference and telling you to try them anyways. I should note that while I got the other two pairs with credits, I paid for these. I broke my shoe diet for these. I think the shoe gods are punishing me for that. But, on the bright side, someone offered to buy them from me, so my loss will be her gain. Maybe that'll get me back in line with the shoe gods who are obviously pissed at me. :(

And, not shoe related, but following up on my previous bling-organization post: I got the Just In Case Dazzle Deal from ShoeDazzle this week, too. It's perfect for what I was wanting. The larger, box-style case will fit in my suitcase, and the smaller, wallet-style one will fit in my carry on. Both match my existing large La Petite Vanite case perfectly. And, as a plus, I'm got more room to stash new bling when it comes in! Score!

Now, I guess I need to go work on our taxes. Ugh. Unless I find something else to use my time on. Maybe the pantry needs to be organized, or the litter needs to be cleaned, or...or...or... Awww, who am I kidding? A date with Uncle Sam, it is.

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