Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ode to a Heartbreaker

See this bag? There's quite a story behind this bag. I've been wanting a pink Birkin-style bag for literally months and just couldn't get my hands on one. By weird chance and shopping diet enforcement, I just kept missing out. ShoeDazzle had one, and the shopping diet said No! Then Mon had one, but I'd bought another purse that week and couldn't justify it. Then. Then!!!! JustFab re-released their popular "Law" bag in pink! AND! I had a credit sitting there waiting to be spent. Hallelujah, right?

<sigh> The bag came in and Oh. My. Gawd. it is gorgeous. And really well made. And, well, a bit larger than I like, but I could get used to it. It really is that fantastic of a bag. Except for one major, glaring flaw. I'm a creature of habit. I need a shoulder bag with just the right style of straps. Neither the built in handles nor the detachable shoulder strap would work for me. Hubs summed it up: "It looks awkward for you to carry." And he's exactly right. I just can't carry it. And it completely and totally broke my heart. I tried, mind you. I carried it on three separate occasions and had no luck. I tried getting used to carrying it in the crook of my elbow - no luck. I tried using the handles as though they are shoulder straps - no luck. I tried the shoulder strap itself- no luck.

I'm absolutely heartbroken over this purse. The other two that I missed out on had the same issue, so it's not this particular purse's fault. This also means I'll never be able to carry a true Birkin-style bag. Maybe a Birkin-inspired bag with longer straps, like the Bullard from ShoeDazzle. But never a crook-of-the-arm, carry-it-like-it's-meant-to-be-Birkin. Which is also good news for my hubby - I'll never ask him for a $15,000 purse. Though I wouldn't say no if it was offered.

So, I sold the purse to a fellow sole sister who'd missed out when it was in stock but can carry it - she's already got it in other colors. I'm thrilled it has found a good home that will cherish it the way I'd hoped to. I can't believe I've gotten this sappy over a damned purse. A gorgeous purse, but just a purse.

Oh well. I've already found another purse that I love and does have the proper straps for everyday use. However, if you can carry this style of purse, buy it in any of the colors you like and are in stock. It is worth every penny of the $39.95 JustFab has it for. 


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