Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring 2012 Iron Fist Round 1

Last Monday (Tuesday for VIP Members), JustFab released their much anticipated Iron Fist collection. I had credits ready to go and ordered the first three items on my 'want' list.

Here Fishy, Fishy...
First up is Koi Samui. If you have Society Suicide, they fit exactly like them. Most Iron Fist run about a quarter to a half size large on me and these are on the tight side of true to size. My size 7's are just shy of 5.5" and have a 1.25" platform. Steep, but not unwearable. The black has little bits of glitter in it, which was a pleasant surprise. The colors in the fish are really bright and vibrant. Not being a fan of orange, I'm not thrilled with the bright orange insole and outsole, but I'll get over it. One major problem with these is that they stink. I don't know if it was the print process for the fish or what, but they have a really strong chemical smell. I had to open my window in my office for a little while and after I got home from wearing them, I let them air out for a day before putting them away. They seem better now, but just be warned.

Love the graphic on the back of the heel
These are Key To My Sole and they are to-die-for. They look like pencil on canvas and feel like the same. They fit true to size, but the vamp is a little further back on the foot than I'm used to (in other words, no toe cleavage), and it digs into the metatarsal bones on both feet. They softened up and improved over the course of a day and I'd say it's a minor annoyance now, at worst. All in all, if you get one pair from this collection, this is my recommendation. They are different from anything else I've seen and the detail is just incredible. I thought I wanted the red in these too, but after seeing real life pics, I think they leave something to be desired. The size 7 has a 5.5" heel and 1.25" platform.

I can get my whole thumb in there
My heartbreaker was the Filthy Landlubber T-Bar. These are probably my favorite of the three, just because the various colors make them so versatile. They're the most comfortable, too. At least I think they are, I can't really tell since they're so huge that my foot wouldn't stay in them. Even I, the queen of inserts, can't make these puppies work. I'm betting on them being a full size too big so a size 6 has been ordered and will be here Tuesday. Consensus from most everyone is that they run 1/2 to a full size big. This seems to be holding true across the Iron Fist T Bars, including I Caught Kewpie and even the Abbey Dawn Starstruck. I've got my tingers crossed that the 6 isn't too small. The size 7 has a 5.25" heel and 1.25" platform.

I've gotten other Iron Fists this week from and have a couple more pairs coming from JustFab and eBay. Basically, I cashed in all my credits, gift cards, and good shoe juju and ravaged my Iron Fist wishlist. I'm happy with the results. I'll toss those at you over the next few days. Right now, I need a shower and more coffee.

**Also, since they don't seem to have really advertised it, did you know that JustFab now ships to Canada? I've had two referrals this week from Canadian Sole Sisters that didn't know that previously. They also combine shipping and only charge per order and not per item for you guys up north.

Happy Shopping!

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