Saturday, May 12, 2012

It's news to me...

Remember how I won the Free Shoesday contest on the DSW page last week? Well, I finally made it to DSW to cash in my loot and found these babies, which I love, and are totally comfortable, and make me want the bright color pair that is available also. These are the G by Guess 'Verna' in Natural multi. And they're absolutely yummy.
They make me want a banana split.
In the midst of finding these though, something really interesting happened. I tried on probably 15 pairs of shoes today trying to fill random 'needs' until I decided to just say to-hell-with-it and get what I like, whether I 'need' it or not. But every one of those pairs, E-V-E-R-Y O-N-E, fit me better in a 6.5. Why? They all had what I'd call 'normal' toe boxes - not cut for toe cleavage. And you know what that made me realize? I'm not a freaky-narrow 7 with long toes. I'm an average width 6.5 with long toes. Toes so long that most modern toe-boxes require me to get a 7 to comfortably fit them. I'm flabbergasted. (I'd say I'm speechless, but as you can see, 300 words later, that is NOT the case.) This explains so much. When most everyone else had to go up in Chanelle from ShoeDazzle, I stuck with a 7, and had room for a full insert. All of my athletic shoes, where toe boxes don't come into play as much, are 6.5's. My Jessica Simpson Oscars are 6.5's. I've only, currently, got 8 pairs out of 150ish that are 7.5's which I thought were what I needed for short toe box shoes, but actually most of my 7's are short toe boxes and that's why I've got 100+ pairs of them.

I still like inserts for added comfort, so I'll continue to default to a 7, probably. Especially in open toes, where my tingers like to act like little escape artists. But, if and when those 7's are sold out, I can go with a 6.5 in a lot of stuff and be perfectly fine. This opens up tons of possibilities. It's like buying shoes for two completely different sets of feet.

(If I had two pairs of feet, would both pairs need to match or would I wear two different pairs of shoes everyday?)

Now, I'm gonna go search out my wish lists and see if anything I thought I'd missed is available in a 6.5 instead. ;)


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