Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iron Fist Spring 2012, Ver. 1.1 Beta

I've gotten one two three more pairs of Iron Fists (and a bag, but who's counting) since we last spoke. I also got a replacement, smaller, pair for one of the ones I told you about last week, the Filthy Landlubber T-Bars. I'll fully update you all later this week, after the remaining two pairs come in. The gist is, the bag is going back, I haven't decided on the replacement pair of Filthy Landlubbers yet, and I ordered one pair purely because they look cute on everyone else. Not real sure how they're gonna look on me.

But! Here's a quick synopsis of one pair to tide you over - The Indecent Obsession Wedges. They may be the cutest and most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. No joke. I mean, really, who doesn't want to wear strawberries and polka dots on their feet, right? They're true to size and unbelievable light weight. Highly, highly recommended. If they made these in more patterns or colors, I'd grab them all. *hint, hint, Iron Fist*

Happy Shopping!

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