Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I'm going to buy a lottery ticket

Last week, I participated on a "Random Acts of Mojo" thread on Mojo Moxy's Facebook Page. The winners were gonna get a pair of fucshia "Guilty" wedges. Well, guess what...I won. I'd say I never win anything, but I've learned to pick and choose my contests and that has improved my success greatly. So, I've been on shoe-cloud 9 for a week waiting for them to get here. They came in today and I'm completely smitten. They're TTS and comfortable. My only fear was they'd be too similar to The Bardot from ShoeDazzle last year (which incidentally was a knockoff of a Mojo Moxy wedge), but they're a completely different color and style. I'm one lucky squirrel.

But, WAIT! There's more! Because I seem to have luck with the Facebook contests, I regularly play the Free Shoesday trivia on DSW's facebook page. I won it once back in October or November. Anyways, I played today, and I WON AGAIN! So, now, I've got a $50 gift certificate coming from DSW - which is perfect for me to get some sandals and such for Jamaica! (Only 59 Days!).

And, I got a free, but not luck based, box full of samples from Target today - also from their facebook page. So, today was a good day. And a lucky day. And now, I'm gonna go buy a lottery ticket and enter another contest that I think I have a pretty decent shot at winning something. (I'll fill you guys on that one later.) I might as well attempt to keep the streak alive, no?

Tomorrow, I shall regale you with my lack of excitement over the shoe club selections today, with a couple of notable exceptions. And one or two that I'm kicking my ass over.

Until then...happy shopping!

***UPDATE*** I didn't go buy a lottery ticket. But, what I did do is participate in a video submission for the new JustFab Brand Ambassador program. It was a short video about why I love JustFab, and it was selected and I got 3 credits for it! Quite the snazzy little program they've got going there. I seriously need to go get that lottery ticket now. 

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