Friday, May 25, 2012

Accidents happen

Juliana in Pink. Also available w/o the JF logo as Corinna
I really, sincerely, truly did not mean to order these. Someone asked me if the JustFab 25% off your Wishlist Sale* would work more than once since she was having tech issues and couldn't try right that second. I, being a good friend, threw the first pair in my wishlist into my bag, clicked one too many times and BAM! they were on their way home. (It did work, by the way - I got these for $30 after I got another pair in the same sale about an hour earlier.) This shouldn't have been a big deal because JustFab has 24 hour customer service now. I could just call and cancel, right? Wrong. I called and got some message about calling during normal business hours. WTF? Then, later that night, it dawned on me I'd called the number for the Elite Stylists which does have business hours, and not the main customer service number. (Hey! It's what's in my phone. I never claimed to be the crispest cookie in the jar) But by then, I was too exhausted to deal with it so I decided I call first thing the next morning. Wrong. I woke up to a shipping confirmation. Gah!

I fully intend to exchange these for something else on Thursday** when the new shoes are released, but if nothing exciting comes out, and considering I've already got 3 credits with them, then no biggie. After this many things getting in the way of me NOT getting these, maybe it's fate. They're cute, they fit well, and I don't have this exact shade of pink in a closed toe pump with a higher than 3" heel. Perhaps the Shoe Gods are trying to tell me they belong with me. It almost makes me afraid to try and return them. There's no telling what plague, disaster, or fiasco that may cause.

Right now, they're under the desk, in their box, ready to be taped up and sent back. I figure if they're out of sight, they won't tempt me, though I do hear the occasional whimper begging me to let them out. I will remain strong! I will send them back! Maybe. I'll decide on Thursday.

Happy Friday! And Happy Shopping - there are Memorial Day sales all over the place!
*The sale ends at Midnight Pacific time tonight!
**Thursday for Elite, Friday for VIP.

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