Friday, June 1, 2012

What goes up, but doesn't come down?

Give up? I'll tell you...shoe club prices.

SoleSociety Cheyenne. Love these - for about $15.
Sole Society did away with the typical club format this month - to the point that I'm not sure they qualify as a 'shoe club' anymore. They were always, until ShoeMint, the big, mature sister of the shoe club world. They occasionally offered real suede. Big whoop, right. But they were already $10 more than the competition at $50 a pair. Then they launched their boot line and offered boots at all different price points - all the way up to $80/pair. Most people griped about this, but the boots were good and so they were bought. Then today came and they did away with the monthly format all together and now their shoes are being offered at $50 and up. But you know what? Their flats are still $50. Cloth flats that aren't worth half that are STILL the outrageous $50. They raised prices on most things, but didn't lower the price on the stuff that is a rip off to begin with. If you're gonna raise your already astronomical and unjustified prices, you HAVE to lower the prices on the things that aren't worth $50 to begin with.
ShoeDazzle Louvette - WTF is this?

On the same note, ShoeDazzle introduced their new upper-end (relative) boutiques last month, and guess what? Some of the stuff was $45 and even $50 in those boutiques. But you know what else? Their cheesy little $20 flats are STILL $40. What gives? Seriously - they were never worth $40 to begin with, the pricing needs to be dropped to help balance the new price horking out.
ShoeMint Kellie - it's 3 strings and some bling.

And ShoeMint, WTF? You haven't raised prices - I mean, how could you, you're already twice the price of the other clubs? But really, $10 sandals cannot and should not be sold for $80. Some delusional chicks may think they're worth it, but they're on shoe crack and therefore don't count.

I simply won't pay more than about $25 or $30 for flats, and that's if I REALLY like them (or they carry my name). More often, I buy my flats, when I must, from the little hanging racks at Kohl's. They're one step above disposable and that's exactly how these typically hideous things should be priced.

I will give credit where credit is due - JustFab has their "Add a Flat" for $25 program where you can add any flat to any order for $25. It's definitely a step in the right direction. I'd really like to see the flats priced at $25 to begin with and have the add option at $10, but at least they're doing something. The same pricing applies to their jewelry and clutches - which is another thing that pisses me off with the above referenced clubs. Their jewelry and clutches can be bought elsewhere for a fraction of the price - I know, I've got sources!!!!!!!

This whole subject just infuriated me this morning when I was doing a loop of the clubs. I've got a "First of the Month" Round up written, but I felt like posting a rant tonight. I'm really hoping that these companies see the light soon. If you've ever noticed, when they run sales, they're full of flats. That ought to tell them something, no?

I'm gonna go have some wine and try and make my mind up about Juliana, which I'm having a bugger of a time deciding whether to keep or not. :/

Oh, and I've still got stuff for sale - check out my album! For Sale!!!!!

Til tomorrow ladies!

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  1. Sing it sister! I agree, the prices are outrageous! Hell, even some of their heels are worth $40, but I'm preaching to the choir.