Saturday, August 18, 2012

Come Join the Fun

JustFab has officially launched their Brand Ambassador program, Fabshionista Circle. You can win free shoes, play games, connect with friends, and have a blast while doing it. And, if you're really active and good at promoting the brand, you have the chance to become a Style Queen, which has even more perks!

I played around with it last night, and it's a little like drinking from a firehose at this stage, but I'm sure they'll hammer out all the kinks once it really gets rolling.

What are you waiting for? Click my link and get yourself signed up!

If you aren't a member of JustFab, use this link, and get 50% off your first purchase if you buy on the first day you sign up!!!!!

UPDATE: 8.19.12 - I am not liking this game at all. My Facebook news feed and all of my groups are COVERED in these links. It's become a game of Best Spammer, and I'm over it. I really, really, hope they add more content and this link stuff dies off. 

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