Friday, August 10, 2012

Buy - Return - Rebuy

Remember these? I had returned them and experienced returner's remorse a couple of months ago. Well, I went back to that same store last week and they were still there, and even cheaper than when I returned them. So, I rebought them. They are the exact same pair, scuff and all, but they were about $10 less than what I originally paid and I've finally come to terms with having so many pink shoes.

I've been known to do this with other shoes - buy, return, re-buy - but I think this is the first time that I've ever rebought the exact same pair months later. The friend that was with me, who was also with me the first time I bought them, was as amazed as I am. They're so cute! I can't believe no one had snatched them up yet. And they're just as comfy as their purple sisters.

As for yet another pair of pink shoes, I've stopped trying to fight it. At least most of my wardrobe is pink, too.


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