Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shoes for less than a buck

Months ago, we were at dinner and I saw a lady in a pair of black pumps with purple and green accents. I fell absolutely in love with them. I would have asked her where she got them (I have no shame), but she was walking in the opposite direction as we were being led to our table and I couldn't find her again. Alas. That night, I Googled the description of them and came up empty handed. I pretty much gave up. But, then, about a week later, I found them purely by chance. I was at Kohl's walking through the shoe department like I always do and guess what? They were there, on clearance, for $15 and I had a 30% off coupon. They're from their Jennifer Lopez line. Of course they didn't have anything remotely close to my size available. But at least I knew the name of them now so I could start some serious searching and stalking.

eBay is a shopaholic's dream. It really is. If it's not available on eBay, it probably doesn't exist. It's just a matter of patience and knowing how much you're willing to pay. And don't forget to take shipping into account when you're thinking about pricing. I've gotten a few hard-to-find items and sold a few on there, with luck mostly. So, the first place I went looking for these JLo's, after I discovered they were no longer on the Kohl's site, was eBay. And I found them. For $0.99! Yes, less than a dollar. I had to pay $10.50 in shipping, so they were $11.49. For brand new shoes. Never worn. Sure, I had to wait out the auction, and may not have gotten them if someone else had bid, but I did get them.

They're really comfy and well made. They may be one of the most convincing faux leather shoes I've ever gotten. I'm thrilled with them and even more thrilled with the price I got them for.

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