Friday, August 3, 2012

The Pointy Sisters

I hate pointy-toed shoes. My tingers love them and that's why I hate them. They look weird and make my already long toes seem even longer. And they're just an odd, unnatural shape. And they fit me weird. Most ladies stay true-to-size in them, or even go up 1/2 size. I go down in size. My toes slide all the way into the point. Have I mentioned that I hate them. Loathe. I've got one pair of red Gianni Binni's from Dillards and one pair of bubble gum pink Manolo Blahnik's left over from the last time these were popular and I refuse to wear either. Those both have toes that go on for miles.

But, more than hating pointy toes, I'm a sucker for a sale. So, when ShoeDazzle put Julia in their BOGO last month, I was drawn to the bargain and decided to give the turquoise a try. I didn't have that color in my collection and they didn't appear to be as pointy as some of those atrocious things. Word was that they ran tight, so, knowing that pointy toes fit me oddly, I went with the 6.5 and ShoeDazzle managed to get them to me in about a week and in perfect condition.

Oh. My. Gawd. I freaking LOVE these shoes. LOVE. They fit like a glove and are sexy as hell. They're only a 3.5" heel, so they proved to be great while running around the office and on errands for about 16 hours. The point still bugs me a little, but they're not that extended point that some have. They're more of an almond toe that comes to a point instead of being rounded off. This new found love is so shocking that when I told a friend about them, his response was that the next thing you know, I'd be liking orange. (NEVER!)
As I'm sure you have figured out by the title by now, I went back and bought more of them. Two more to be exact. I got the pink and the yellow also. (They were only $20 each, how could I not?)  I had to go up 1/2 size in the yellow because, well, they were out of my size and desperate needs call for desperate measures. They still fit, but I will definitely need an insert to keep them on my heel. They're still gorgeous and all three pairs are in perfect shape, which means I've gotten 5 perfect pairs and a bag in a row from ShoeDazzle, and that in itself is no small feat. I just wish I hadn't missed the black in these.

I don't know that these have completely opened my mind up on this style, but I will no longer automatically skip over all pointy toed shoes while shopping. Because what I really need is to have more options in shoes.

I have a point.

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