Monday, August 20, 2012

Still on a quest for wedges

In my quest to beef up my collection of closed toe wedges, I found this nugget in ShoeMint's sale. They're definitely not worth $80, but if you can snag them in their current sale for $40, do so.

These are Dayna in taupe. I thought I wanted the blue, but I decided these would be more versatile. (As if my shoes really need to be versatile. If a pair doesn't match, I'll just grab some that do.) They're pretty comfy. They fit me well in the 6.5, so if you're between sizes, like me, then go down. Though they're a little heavier than I usually prefer my wedges, they aren't unmanageable. The strap is also removable, if you're like me, and don't really care for ankle straps.

Overall, they're not bad at all.  I'm always amazed by ShoeMint's quality, it's just too bad that they're so overpriced on the everyday stuff. If you have the chance to get something you like from them at a discount, do so. It's totally worth it. That being said:

If you aren't already a member of ShoeMint, they're running a great deal right now. Get 50% off your first full priced pair with the code MEMSHM50. And, if you use my link, I'll get points towards a free credit since they've just launched a rewards program that runs across all the Mints - Jewel, Home, Shoe, Style and Beauty.

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