Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's the First of the Month! August Shoe Club Roundup

First of all - this is my second post today! You get a double dose of the ShoeSquirrel! Yippee!!!

Now, on to the goodies:

Estephanie in Pink and Green
ShoeDazzle: I'm going to save my discussion of their new shipping charges for another day, and just say that they released real suede pumps for $40. Yes, you heard that right. Real suede. $39.95. Her name is Estephanie, and I'm a sucker for vibrant colors of suede. I had a coupon so I got them in green and pink. Oh, who am I kidding? I would have gotten them without the coupon too. Those were actually released yesterday, as an August pre-release but I'm counting them as a First of the Month release because everything else was a snooze fest or had way too pointed of a toe. I'm obviously still not on that fashion bandwagon. (Though, there is an exception I'll be telling you about soon)

JustFab: They have begun releasing more boots than I remember from Augusts past. There are some really cute ones, but I just can't bring myself to buy boots when it's still at or near triple digits here. I'm sure I'll get the bug and grab a pair in the next few days, because I always cave like that. But, the pumps this month didn't really wow me and there are are some really cute bags, but I was wishing for different colors in them. I just can't handle orange. Maybe I'll hold off and see what mid-month brings. Oh, don't forget to skip or buy by the fifth or you'll get charged.

ShoeMint: They finally have a month that makes me proud to be a member - except that the damned things are still $80, and there's just no way I'm paying that. There are three shoes that I want this month, which may be about the same quantity that I've wanted in their entire previous 8 months of existence. I'll give them credit for the three that I have gotten being high quality and gorgeous, but I'm still not paying $80 for a shoe club. No way, no how. Don't forget to skip this one either - that would be a sucky charge to wake up to on the 6th if you weren't expecting it.
Molly, Ruth, and Danielle from ShoeMint
Sole Society: Are they still considered a club? They no longer do monthly releases, opting instead to do daily releases. You no longer have to skip the month over there either. So, it's more like a shopping site that you have to log into than a shoe club. I logged in momentarily today to look at yesterday's release. Underwhelming.

ShoePrivee: Totally forgot to check until just now. I always forget about them. I'm not sure what concept they're even following anymore, but I do know that they have a boatload of stuff in their Bargainista section for $20 and up. Go check it out. I've never actually bought anything from them, so I can't give you any pointers.

I think that about sums up the beginning of August. There were, as always, hits and misses. And, as usual, different clubs shine on different months. One thing is for sure about this month though: no matter what your taste, you'll find it at one of these clubs. They're just that varied.

Happy Clubbing!


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