Wednesday, August 29, 2012

End Of Summer Sales

It's still in the mid-upper 90's here so you wouldn't know it, but the end of summer is rapidly approaching AND Labor Day is less than a week away. And you know what that means - SALES!!!!

First up is Shoemint - they're running up to 50% off tons of stuff. I've already gotten two pairs from this sale - Kathryn and Dayna - and am considering the cutest little blue suede flats I've ever seen, Patricia. If you aren't a member already, they are running a code for 35% off your first pair - RACHEL35 - if you want something that isn't in the sale. Also, if you aren't a member, would you mind using my link to sign up? They have a rewards program now, and as I've said before I love their stuff, but not at the $80 price point, but I'm all about referral credits.

 ShoeDazzle is doing $20 off of any two items in their Boutiques Collections as part of their "Fall Access Pass" promotion, until 9/4. Considering that they've changed their shipping so that you get charged if you spend less than $39.95, thereby making individual discounts moot, this is about as good of a deal as you're gonna find over there anymore. There are a few things in my Favorites that are covered by this sale, so I may take advantage of it.

Next is Sole Society. They're doing a Buy One Get One on most of their summer wedges and sandals. I've already got a few of these from before they were on sale so I'm trying to convince myself to just walk away from this. Like Shoemint, if you aren't a member and want something NOT in the BOGO, they have a code for $25 off - AUGUST25. Again, I would love if you'd use my link to sign up. They have a wonderful referral program where each referral is worth actual $$ in your account and not just points.

Finally, Jewelmint is having a sale on a select number of items. I've gotten a few things from them, with no real complaints except that I typicallay won't pay $30 for single pieces of costume jewelry. Of course, that's what makes this sale so great. Again, here's my link to sign up for this one, though I'm not aware of any first time customer codes for non-sale items.

There is also a rumor that JustFab will be having a Labor Day Sale starting on Friday, but I've not gotten confirmation of that and am not sure what it will entail, though I've heard it'll be a BOGO.

Happy Shopping, Divas!

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