Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Consider it marked off the list

Finally, after months of drooling, I found the blush Betsey Johnson Mortica in my size and at a really good price. I've been wanting these since before I got the black ones, even. I know, I know. Before you even say it. I know it's yet another duplicate pair in a different color. If you've read more than two or three posts on this blog, you know I do this frequently.

Those adorable skulls!!!
These fit just like the black ones - true to size but wide. They're the same 5.5" heel with a 1.5" platform that feels steeper than it is, though I don't think these are as bad as the black. They don't seem to have the stiff fabric issue that the black does, or if they do, I haven't noticed it yet. They really have a totally different look to them though. They're much more feminine and softer in appearance. I'm so happy that I finally got them!


  1. I'm still looking for these in an 8,5! Can you tell me where you got them?


    I don't know if they still have them in your size, but you can check. The same company also has them listed on eBay. Try code BD9963 for 20 or 30% off, too.

  3. Thanks! I wish they had more shoes like these in the Netherlands. Would save me a lot of shipping costs -_-
    Love your blog by the way. You should make a picture of all your shoes together!

  4. Ha! If my husband walked in an saw them all in one place, or even saw a picture of that, he'd keel over with a heart attack right then and there.