Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's meant to be. It really is. It's shoe-fate.

Eva & Zoe "Peony"
I went with a friend and bought these a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely loved them, but I had to return them. The main reason was that there was a scuff on one that I just couldn't live with, but looking back, there were other reasons too. I knew, before I ever left the store to begin with that I did NOT need another pair of pink shoes. And I was also breaking the shopping diet. So, I think that may have helped me 'decide' I couldn't live with the scuff. Well, ever since I returned them, I've been having returner's remorse and have considered, several times, going back and just getting them, living with the scuff, figuring out what to wear with yet another pair of pink shoes and saying to hell with the shopping diet.

Fast forward a few days...I posted about how upset I was that I let these go on facebook and got an awesome reply from someone. She's got these and she's got them in purple too. Que? Purple? It appears that The Shoe Dept has the Mojo Moxy Poseys in purple. O.M.G. She went and snapped a picture of them for me and I fell in love. We don't have one of those stores around here, so I sent up the Shoemergency flags and Voila! A wonderful sole sister in Mississippi went and found them for me. For cheaper than the ones I returned. And, small miracle...she's coming to Denver on Thursday. She will be hand delivering these gorgeous shoes to me. Beyond the fact that I'm DYING to see her, I'm dying to get these gorgeous babies on my feet. Yay! It's shoe fate! I love shoe fate!


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