Monday, June 11, 2012

6 Strikes and you're OUT!

I had a rough Monday. I usually do. Today was tedious though, and it included buying things I didn't really want, but are needed for Jamaica. I don't like buying things I don't want. It's no fun. I like buying things that make me happy and buying $50 flip flops for Hubs is just no fun. Nor is $50 all purpose, non-stylish, flip flops for me. Or pants for him, or camera parts/accessories. I needed a fun retail fix and Hubs is working late tonight, so I set out to hit my usual stores here in town. Much to my dismay - I could not find one single thing to fill my shopping need. Nothing.

  • Strike One:  DSW - They've got a pair I want on sale - however they aren't on sale on line and none of my other local stores have them in my size. I'm pissed over this. I've had my eye on them forever and let them slip away. I'd send up the Shoemergency flags, but by the time a Sole Sister added in shipping, they'd be the same price as what I'd pay for them online. :(
  • Strike Two: Marshall's - Nothing. But, they are expanding their already large shoe department, so this could be a good thing in the long run.
  • Strike Three: Ross - They've got one pair of Madden wedges that I like but a)they're scratched in my size, and b) I don't like them $26 worth.
  • Strike Four: Dillard's - They are having big sale, but the two pairs I want haven't dropped quite enough in price for me to justify them. I'll keep my eye on them and hope they continue to drop and don't sell out in my size in the meantime.
  • Strike Five: Victoria's Secret - I was going to grab one bra but they closed early tonight to set up for the Semi Annual Sale which starts in store tomorrow.
  • Strike Six: Kohl's - I fell in love with one pair of JLo's on clearance, but they're gone in my size (notice the trend here?). I did buy Hubs another pair of sandals for Jamaica, so he's really racked up today. Bastard. 

By this time, I'd blown 3 hours and shut down the mall looking for something to buy. Anything. I finally said to hell with it and grabbed something to eat from Chick-Fil-A and headed home. And promptly ordered the damned bra I wanted from VS online. I feel a little better, but I think I need to order the mint Lyra's from ShoeDazzle to truly get out of today's funk. I'm wearing my original black ones right now to decide on sizing.

I've got a few fun things coming in this week, so maybe those will satisfy my want.

Until then, may you have better shopping luck than I.

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