Monday, June 4, 2012

Who says leopards can't have pink spots?

Betsey Johnson - Diskko, multi velvet
I got these last week and honestly completely forgot about them until a few minutes ago when I went to grab another pair out of the closet. They are adorable, but they are velvet and it is (almost) summer, so I don't know how much wear they're gonna get over the next few months. They fit a little snug in a 7, but are otherwise really comfy.  These have a 5" heel and a 1.5" platform.

Even though I'd been eying these since they came out last fall, I bought them on an impulse though so, of course, I'm wondering about the wisdom of that, even though I got a great deal on them. They're definitely different, that's for sure. But they're fun, and that's how I like my shoes. Besides, who expects to see a leopard with pink spots?


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