Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't act so shocked

If there is anything you all know about me by now, it should be that I have no qualms about owning the same shoe in multiple colors. (Jessica Simpson Cheetah, Betsey Johnson Dita/Ditan, and Dareah just to name a few) In fact, I'm of the mind that if you love them buy them in every color.

That being said, when I needed a red peep toe, I narrowed it down to Makeeda from JustFab or Key To My Sole from Iron Fist. I've already got the blue in the former and the white in the latter. I love both, they fit well, and I knew I'd be happy with either. I ultimately decided on the red Key To My Sole because I think I want Makeeda in blush, not red, and will just hope for a restock. I'll still end up with duplicates of both shoes, but not in the same color. That'd just be silly, now, wouldn't it?

As for this particular pair, they're a completely different look than the white ones. The white ones look like a pencil drawing on canvas. These, the red, look more like a standard print, but they're more dramatic and eye catching. Both pairs are gorgeous and different enough to justify both - or maybe they're the same and I'm just trying to justify owning two pairs of such unique shoes. I've been known to do that before, too.

Now, I've honestly forgotten what I was hopping up and down to wear these with, so I need to do a loop of my closet and try to remember what I was thinking. Hmmm.


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