Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Purple Perfection and Fashion as Art

Thanks to my sole sister, Stephanie, my lilac Mojo Moxy Posey pumps got to me last Thursday. I wore them to the Denver Art Museum's "Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective" exhibit with my sole sisters this weekend and then again today to work. They're as amazing as I imagined! A coworker, who never pays any attention to my shoes just kept going on and on about them. That tells you how fantastic they really are. Now, I really want the white ones back that I returned. If you have a Shoe Dept or Shoe Show store near you, run, don't walk, and grab at least one pair of these. I mean it. Shoooooo....go NOW!!!!

Wait!!! Before you go - one more thing! If you're in Denver in the next couple of weeks, you MUST go see the YSL exhibit! The pantsuits! The tuxedos! The gowns! The craftsmanship! It's fashion as art and it's just to-die-for!! Squee!!!!!
Shoe Whores at YSL. We were the only ones dressed up, and our shoes got ALL the attention!

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