Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mid-heels can be sexy too

There's been lots of griping lately about how the clubs' shoes keep getting higher and higher even though the bulk of women are asking for them to either stop climbing or come down a bit. (I'm looking at you, ShoeDazzle) My personal limit is around a 4" rise from front to back. That means that if the shoe has no platform, a 4" heel is my max. If it's got a 1" platform, a 5" heel is my max and so on up to about a 1.5" platform then I get all wobbly. I make exceptions from time to time, but that's about the most I'm willing to try for everyday wear.

There seems to be a perception that the higher the shoe, the sexier it is, and that's just not the case. At some point, you cross the line into ridiculous. 7" heels are not anymore flattering than a 5" heel and if I see you in them, I will point and laugh because you're probably going to be walking like a baby deer. The fact is that the shoe makes it's sexiness and it really has nothing to do with the height. I've got some fantastic mid-heels that will out-sexify your skyscrapers any day.

One good example of this is Carrington from ShoeDazzle. I've got all three original colors and I get more compliments on them than all my other shoes combined. They're comfortable and sexy as hell. Another one is my Jessica Simpson Oscars - I've got these in multiple colors because they're to-die-for.

Last week, I met up with my Sole Sister, Talena, and we went shopping. You know what we both bought? Mid heels. Die hard shoe addicts and we went for the mids. Is that normal? No. But we both absolutely fell in love with these and they're undeniably sexy. Unfortunately I got so caught up in the moment that I didn't quality check them and found a pretty bad scuff later so I had to take them back. (I'm still upset about that a full week later.) (Side note: They've been found! In purple! )They're available in a high heel, too, but I don't want those. I want these. I want the sexy mids just because they're sexy and they're a mid heel.

So, to all the shoe clubs and designers that just keep going higher and higher (I'm STILL looking at you, ShoeDazzle), and to all the women that seem to think mid heels are granny shoes, look at these. There is nothing un-sexy about this height. And they're more comfortable than the skycrapers. Granted, this height only makes up about 20% of my shoe collection and I'm not gonna buy everything in a mid heel, but I don't turn shoes away just because they're lower than 5". You shouldn't either. Look at the shoe itself and decide how it looks before you take the heel into account. Bigger is not always better.



  1. AMEN to that! I have two of the 3 shoes you have pictured in this post (leopard Oscar and white/pink Peony) and would much rather wear them than any of SD's freakishly-tall shoes. I also have a couple pairs of Mossimo's "Pearce", which is a perfect mid-heel for me since they're a little wider and more flexible than the Oscars (plus, they have a black leather pair for only $29.99!).

  2. What an amazing mid heel shoes collection!!
    I would wear them mid heels I'm obsessed with high heels I don't care what pain it gives me ill wear it because it will make me look good and make me feel fabulous ...